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Scrummi Spa Wrap Sheets Win

Wellness & Spa Innovation Award

The biodegradable spa towelling product scoops the 2019 Award for Ecology and Sustainability at the ceremony in Dusseldorf, Germany.

wellness und spa innovation 2019 winner


9th March, 2019. Dusseldorf, Germany – Scrummi Spa are excited to announce that their new sustainable and biodegradable Wrap Sheets have been awarded the Ecology and Sustainability Award in this year’s Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards.

Image 1 Winner

The judges described the product as: 

Convincingly natural and sustainable, 100% plastic-free. Moreover, much more comfortable, soft to the touch and equally as functional as conventional plastic and foil wrapping sheets. This innovative product shows the spa industry the way towards limiting floods of plastic waste”.

The Spa and Wellness industry is respected and is often considered sustainable because of its health and wellness connotations. However, Spa waste and water consumption does have a direct and negative effect on our environment.

One product used in Spa treatments that adds to landfill problems specifically is the common plastic and Mylar foil spa wrap sheets used in wrap, body and exfoliation treatments.

These sheets are used weekly by thousands of retreat and day spas across Europe. They do not biodegrade and Mylar foils, in particular, are non-recyclable. Not only is the production of Polyethylene and Mylar extremely toxic when disposed of at landfill sites across Europe they can take hundreds if not thousands of years to break down.

Scrummi Spa have recently developed a biodegradable and compostable alternative to the industry standard wrap sheet. The Scrummi Spa - Wrap Sheet.

Wrap Sheet

This wrap sheet is made from sustainably sourced materials and will biodegrade in just 8-12 weeks making it infinitely more sustainable than other wraps on the market. The production of these sheets is closely monitored, with manufacturing waste and water being recycled and energy usage kept to a minimum.

Not only are the Scrummi Spa - Wrap Sheets a great sustainable alternative but they are also a lot more comfortable and soft to the touch, make a lot less noise when clients are wrapped and they also help retain heat and warmth.

Scrummi Spa, is a leading European supplier of biodegradable spa towelling; they realise that the onus to become environmentally responsible is not only on the spa owner. Manufacturers and educators also play a big part in helping the industry become leaders in environmental wellbeing.

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