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               Press Article Guild News March 2018 Adam Chatterley, on behalf of the UK Spa Association, writes about his four sec
INFRARED DETOXIFICATION Julia Leone, writing on behalf of the
UK Spa Association, discusses the benefits of Infrared Sauna for Detoxification What is an Infrared Sauna Infrared Sauna is a therapy for
Name: Helena Field Company: UK Spa Association Job Position: General Manager Q1. What first attracted you to the beauty industry? A1. I wanted to work with people and had an interest in holistic healt
A NEW ICE AGE EMERGES   THE NEWEST TECHNOLOGY TO COME TO SPA IS NOT JUST COOL, IT’S VERY COOL….   Jennifer Aniston’s doing it, Roger Federer can’t get enough of it and Ronaldo does it regula
LOOK BACK INTO OUR DNA TO SHAPE THE FUTURE OF SKINCARE or THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF LIFE   DNA Profiling identified I had a missing ‘marker’; CYP1A2 - the one responsible for producing collagen…… ar
In the spa and salon business, retail obviously makes a difference to the bottom line and it can be an easy recurring income revenue. But how do we boost the team members who don’t feel confident in r
Treatments for men are being offering more as a feature in spa menu’s and treatment rooms today. Male themed treatments are promoted around Father’s Day, Birthdays and Christmas.  Men go to a spa
Practical Solutions for A Brave New World of Working I have been in the spa industry for over 22 years, and it seems a lifetime ago when I walked through the doors of Plymouth College to train and bec

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