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Why Should Spas Pay Attention to EMS Training

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Electro muscle stimulation (EMS) training is growing in the UK as the latest fitness solution for spas, medi spas and salons looking to offer a 360-wellness service. Why? It’s simple. EMS can attract new clientele, increase revenue and turn small, underused spaces into some of the most profitable square footage in your facility. 

First, what is EMS Training? 

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EMS technology originates from rehab and sports performance. Powered by miha bodytec, the market leaders in EMS training technology, it works by contracting muscles through an electrical current. Clients wear a specially designed vest and belt which has a sensor for all eight of the major muscle groups. The electrical current encourages muscles to contract harder for longer, so they spend more time under tension and work at a higher intensity to normal. The result is a more effective whole-body workout. The sessions are delivered by a trainer on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis, providing a more personal and bespoke workout, perfect for your regular spa or clinic clientele. 

Attracting new clientele

EMS is a type of training that can cater for all levels: from elite performers to absolute beginners. Its versatile nature makes it perfect for anyone, no matter their goals.  It is loved by countless celebrities and stars (Laura Dern, Courtney Cox), Victoria Secret models (Alessandra Ambrosio, Romee Strijd, Elsa Hosk) and athletes (Usain Bolt, Rafael Nadal) alike. It’s their secret weapon for keeping their bodies in amazing shape and improving their performance, in a fraction of the time of a normal gym session. 

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In only 20-minute weekly sessions, individuals can sculpt their body and reduce fat levels, without the long, arduous gym sessions usually required to see similar results. For that reason, it’s perfect for attracting people who dislike a typical gym environment, those new to exercise, or those looking to gain an edge in their training. 

EMS is also an extremely effective form of rehabilitation, offering specific muscular stimulation programmes which are designed to help with muscle relaxation and rejuvenation. There is significant research to suggest it can also help improve or eliminate lower back pain. 

For these reasons, it attracts both men and women, young and old. 

Increase Revenue

Sessions are just 20 minutes long, but because of the premium nature of the service, they can command as much as £90/sessions. Recently, Grantley Hall, a luxury hotel and wellness retreat in North Yorkshire installed miha bodytec’s EMS Training equipment as part of their elite health and performance offering.  Alongside other cutting-edge services like a cryotherapy chamber, altitude training and sleeping facilities, underwater treadmill and 3D body scanners, the EMS system adds a new level to their performance offering. It’s part of a specially curated offer for their exclusive wellness experience. 

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EMS Training can be a perfect way to tap into a spa audience that is interested in more than massages and facials. For many people, wellness is a lifestyle and discerning spa goers want the whole package: a way to unwind the mind, but also improve the look and feel of their body. 

Space Efficient 

EMS sessions require very little space. This allows spas to make use of underutilised treatment rooms or empty floor space, introducing incremental revenue opportunities which can significantly improve overall monthly treatment revenue. As little as 100 square feet of space is all that’s required to run a successful EMS operation in your facility. 

What’s next?

As the focus on wellness and self-care continues to grow, the future of the spa industry looks bright. Spa experiences are all about making time for ourselves to relax and unwind and the mental health benefits can be profound. However, today’s discerning spa goers want more than traditional treatment options – they want innovative services that can help them improve not just mentally, but physically as well. As a result, EMS Training is starting to become a popular service in many spas around the world. It’s a revolutionary way to work out sweat free, promising spa client’s maximum gains, in a fraction of the time. 

Want to learn more about EMS Training? Stop by the miha bodytec stand at the South Lodge networking event on 16thSeptember and see how EMS Training could complement your business. Specialists from miha bodytec will be onsite to show you the machines and answer all your questions. 


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