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Trends to watch in 2019

- by Brigita Kliucinskaite - University of Derby




Without any doubt, today’s world is highly overloaded with ‘’trends’’. The millennial world is led, ruled and pushed forward by trends, likes and dislikes. We live in a time when the world is changing at an enormous pace, having new youngest billionaires, success stories and more… Only because it is trendy. The Spa industry is no different. A simple back massage is considered a treat, but is that still the case? There are hundreds and hundreds of trends in the spa industry to look out for, however the real science is to know which trends would actually make a difference for your spa. Therefore, a trend is not only a blinking fashionable toy that will be thrown back to where it came from when the joy fades away. The other and more sustainable side and meaning of trends is to notice how the demand is moving and what clients prefer at that exact point in time – it does not actually matter what people wanted last year, all you need to know is what customers will want in 2019 and use it to benefit your spa.

Indeed, the latest International Spa Association (ISPA) research reveals the Spa visits in the United States being at an all-time high and the only certainty is change. Of course, your target audience still remains the most important factor. Generation X, naturally, do not want to see mobile phones inside the spa, they still want to relax and have the good old simple full body massage. They do not want blinking TV’s, high-tech mobile app or oat milk in their coffee. The most important thing is, generation X go to spas and can afford this pleasure. Their preferences hardly change, and it is easy to keep this type of customer entertained. However, the momentum has passed and no spa will make an actual step ahead of the competition while concentrating on generation X and leaving the trends aside.

Not surprisingly, it is not easy to target generation Z. Generation Z typically follow trends and waste their money on fancy, fashionable things for the sole purpose to post a photo on their social media page. However, the spa-going generation Z in 2019 are sophisticated and want tangible results. As generation Z is growing fast and loud there is ahigh potential for spas to capture the newly emerged market and stay competitive in the future. The fact worth considering is that nowadays the top three means of finding a spa retreat are via Google search (80.5%), friend referrals (65.6%), and Instagram (45.7%). Therefore, to capture the new audience and to stand out in the wide-reaching fields of the Internet, every spa pro must know what new is happening out there. Not where the fireworks are blinking (‘trends’) but instead where the demand is high.

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of ‘’trends’’ surrounding the spa industry, these are the four trends (market needs) that every spa should consider capturing the market potential in 2019:

  1. All-inclusive packages.

Even though it sounds casual, the first tangible trend to follow is all-inclusive packages. Surprisingly, according to the latest research even 78% of wellness customers amongst all generations desires everything to be planned, including accommodation, food and therapies. In 2019 people are required to make an increasing number of decisions every day and the spa break is the best way to escape from all of that pressure.With the spa market being at the all-time high, the all-inclusive package helps not only to capture the market opportunities but also to maximise the use of spa facilities, hence optimising the profit. Just put together the best you have, and your customer will buy and appreciate it more than ever before.

  1. Couples and groups.

Generation Z is all about seeking to connect and 2019 is when it reaches its peak. As the latest studies suggest people tend to relax better when they attend the spa with their loved ones or their friend. Even though men mostly choose their loved ones while vast majority of women prefer their friend, it is all about the shared experience. Therefore, such offerings as tandem massage, a shared salt room experience, a nice chat in the relaxation area or even a discount if you bring your friend helping people to connect physically and mentally will be appreciated by the spa-goer in 2019. Again, that is an easy win for a spa as who would decline two customers instead of one? Just install the second bed in your largest therapy room and advertise the shared experience clearly on your main page – not only on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Authentic Spa experience.

In 2019, more than any time before, people want the spa experience to be real. While there is no doubt about generation Z knowing what they want, generation X as well knows and wants more than ever before. The spa-goer in 2019 is sophisticated and wants the full feeling of professional relaxation. Again, that does not mean any fireworks or blinking ‘trendy’ toys. Lowering the lights in the treatment room, playing relaxation sounds and offering herbal teas were always important in a spa but in 2019 it is of exceptional importance and value for each customer. So, even though it is a usual practice for every spa, going the extra mile in the simplest ways will be rewarded in 2019. This does not sound like a trend at all, but indeed, people like to explore – add exotic sounds, treatments and tropical feel to your spa and see the customers coming back.

  1. Precious metals and stones.

The world goes around as well as the trends do. 2019 is the year that people are re-discovering the healing value of precious metals and stones - trendiest things to offer even for the most selective spa-goer. There are numerous of treatments to add to your offer to exploit this trend: Silver baths, Gold powder massage or various amber treatments are widely popular in the Eastern Europe such as Amber powder peeling and Amber massage. Perhaps you already offer a hot stone massage? Himalayan salt scrub? Use a facial stone roller? Or even use products that are infused with crystal or stone dust? Take advantage of it! Advertise it loud and proud to give your customers exactly what they want. In the end, there are two benefits that every customer will appreciate: it is trendy (as well ‘’trendy’’) and it actually helps!

There is no denying spa visits are high and are expected to grow even more in 2019. Thus, the spa industry is a huge market naturally meaning new trends being discussed every day and it is hard yet vital to choose which way to go. In addition to that, generation Z already shows a huge potential for the whole wellness industry raising the requirements higher than ever before. This blog can help every Spa to firstly distinguish the sustainable trend as an upward demand movement in the market from the shiny short-term ‘’trends’’ and secondly to benefit from this understanding. All of the above trends are proven by market research to be highly appreciated by the vast majority of customers in 2019. Therefore, the ability to exploit all-inclusive packages, shared experiences, the authentic spa experience and precious metals and stones will determine the popularity of your Spa in 2019. 

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