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For those that don’t yet know Circadia by Dr Pugliese, we have every faith you soon will!  With the core philosophy of skincare centred on the body’s  C i rcadian Rhythms – defending fr
Electro muscle stimulation (EMS) training is growing in the UK as the latest fitness solution for spas, medi spas and salons looking to offer a 360-wellness service. Why? It’s simple. EMS can attract
  We understand how busy life can be; late nights, long days, early starts. Adding to this, the pressures from a shortage of spa therapists and the operational strains of running a demanding spa.
by Jules Wilcocks, co-founder Body Ballancer Systems UK Ltd     What is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is responsible for the absorption, transportation and elimination of excess
by Terri Irvin, Owner & Founder of Bump & Beyond Spa; what does it mean to you? To many, it’s described as a “haven that promotes wellbeing”.  A place to resolve aches and pains, stresses
By Christine-Alice Hartigan   Following on from my previous workplace wellness articles, I feel that it is important to keep this current and in thought. Realisation of our place in the world, re
  SPA DIRECTORS ASSEMBLY – RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION A DISCUSSION The UK Spa Association has been running successful and ever popular Spa Director Assemblies since the inaugural Spa Director Asse
by Kay Walker, Spa Brand Development Manager at Scrummi   At Scrummi I visit education facilities regularly. I support them in developing a towelling system which reduces laundry, helping the ove

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