Pamela Griffin

Work for Wellness


I am proud to say that I have been part of the Spa and Wellness industry for 13 years.  My experience is varied and for the most part comes from working with three global prestigious skin care product houses.  I have helped developed the business of small salons right through to five-star hotel resorts in the UK and Europe.  I have created bespoke marketing and sales plans as well as coach, train and motivate therapists and front of house teams. 

My current project, PS Lifestyle : Wellness sees me move to an operator role.  Our vision is to create an exquisite and unique destination for wellness in Scotland.  We will nurture the overall wellness of our members, our team and the environment using credible wellness techniques – all delivered in a purpose built, eco-friendly and luxurious venue.

I am committed to growing our industry through the training and development of our therapists – making them feel valued, empowered and fulfilled.  I also have a keen desire to cut through the fog that has enveloped the wellness industry from a client point of view and am passionate about reaching out to clients to encourage more people to visit wellness facilities more often.

Our industry is ever changing, employs over 250,000 people and the spa sector alone is valued at approximately £2bn in the UK.  A trade body such as the UK Spa Association is essential in order to help businesses facilitate that growth and work with a trusted partner that can offer support and guidance.  It is also a great way to encourage businesses all over the UK to share best practice and learn from each other.  Moreover, with the industry growing at such a rate the presence of a trade body will give the client reassurance that our industry is credible, forward thinking and honest.

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