Naomi Chatterley



Naomi’s has worked as a marketing and communications specialist and leader for over 20 years across both B2C and B2B disciplines within PLC's, SME’s and NGO’s (both public sector and trade bodies). Industry sectors include utilities (npower), DEFRA (WRAP), manufacturing (Burgess Pet Care), construction and distribution (SIG Plc), and most recently health/wellbeing (UK Spa Association).  Naomi has particular expertise in marketing and growth strategy, brand and CVP creation, and development and implementation of a number of quantifiable large public awareness campaigns. She has a reputation for galvanising audiences into a positive shift in behaviour or attitude (internally and externally) with measurable commercial benefit.

During the last two years, she left the corporate world, working as a marketing consultant.  The momentum and growth of which has now led her to formally create and launch, together with her business partner – The Marketing Partners, offering start-ups, SME’s and PLC’s who don’t have this specialism in-house, marketing support and expertise.

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