Christine Hartigan

Vice Chair


Christine-Alice has a great passion for Health & Wellbeing! This passion which has led to a career ‘working in Wellness.’  Christine-Alice works full time in Architecture; as a project leader for Spa and Wellness. SPACE & PLACE have a great desire to work with others who shares a common goal ‘to create healthier communities’. The built environment will need to support the future of our health and wellbeing through ‘prevention not cure’. Christine-Alice is a coach who offers advice and support to people who want and have a need to improve their Personal Health & Fitness. This role was inspired from her own personal love of Running and desire to be fit.

Christine-Alice is a UKSA board member (UK Spa Association) and has been re-appointed for a fifth term; to lead the new campaign ‘Work for Wellness.’

‘Work for Wellness’ campaign is exploring ways in which we can support Wellness Professionals. For this pillar we will be looking at ways in which we can offer support in local Schools, Colleges and Universities.

“We must take care!  The future of our health and fitness relies on making healthier choices; making time for exercise, eating good nutritious foods and to make time for spa and relaxation. This will support and improve our future physical and mental health-wellbeing.”


Christine-Alice Hartigan, SPACE & PLACE, UKSA