Adam Chatterley



Hi Adam here . . . 

Oh no . . not another long winded bio? 

Well . . in a nutshell I teach spa, salon and clinic owners and managers how to have more . . . . . more clients, more bookings, more revenue, more stability, more time . . more results!

You see, I've been extremely fortunate over the past 20 years to work with some of the leading spas, salons, resorts and hotels all over the world. And in that time, along with my own knowledge, I've worked beside some incredible business owners, inspiring thought leaders and amazing managers, so I've learned a thing or two along the way.

My own background is in business process management, although I'm usually associated with the software side of things in the spa world . . . but actually I've personaly opened, operated, managed, supported, consulted and coached well over 450 spas in at least 27 countries . . . and these days I bring all that accumulated knowledge together to provide a unique service . . a blend of analysis, coaching and consultancy to the beauty, spa and wellness industry that I like to call 'Strategy'. Go ahead, ask me about it if you’re curious.

In my role as Chairman of the UK Spa Association my role is to steer the association towards achieving our goals.Using my skills as a business management consultant and strategist I will be growing the UKSA in terms of membership and also raising the awareness of the industry as an incredible place to build a career. With the support of a newly refreshed and energised board our mission is to not only support our members, but to create a true inspirational career pathway within the industry and really deliver. . more people, in more spas, more often. 

Interesting Fact: I am the founder and host of the UK's No.1 spa industry podcast, and Global Top 10 spa industry podcast, all about creating, managing and growing a thriving business, it's cunningly titled "The Beauty Business Podcast" . . . you should check it out.

So that's me . . . now tell me more about you?

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