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November 2020
Welcome to November’s Spa Voice - a curated edit to keep you motivated, focused and ahead of the game.

In the midst of yet more change, moving forwards can feel tough, but we've done this before and we can totally do this again. Whilst none of us would have hoped for a second wave, this year does seem to have been one of reflection, as we’ve had the opportunity to really think about what matters and have championed the work that we do.  

Take advantage of our National Spa Week specifically created for our unique spa community from 9th – 15thNovember 2020. Every day we are bringing you practical resources to inspire and uplift in these challenging times. 

We can do this. 

To take part all you need to do is visit the National Spa Week pages each day and like an early advent calendar, we'll open up the doors to exclusive content including podcast episodes, articles and more.

A big THANK YOU to all our sponsors of National Spa Week, including BC Softwear, Cryoaction, Dermalogica, Ellisons and Gerrard International without whom this vital week wouldn't have been possible. 

Juliet Wheater 
SpaVoice Editor
Monday 9th November - Finance Day
Sponsored by Ellisons

Check out Ellisons range of spa treatment ideas 
Tuesday 10th November - Marketing Day
Sponsored by Gerrard International


Wednesday 11th November - People and HR Day 
Sponsored by BC Softwear


How to save laundry times and reducing costs in your salon and spa.

BC SoftWear have been a longstanding trusted supplier to the spa and beauty market and in the past 7 months they have seen a rapid change in the purchase decisions for towels and bathrobes they supply. ‘We have seen that the need for comfort and pampering has never been more necessary than now. In a climate of uncertainty, we all revert back to the simple things in life that make us feel nurtured and secure.’ Comments Barbara Cooke CEO and Founder of the company. The company also recognises that with a desire for luxury, comes a necessary for economy which is reflected in the choice of towels and bathrobes purchase. In recent months the focus has become centred around reducing the number of towels and minimizing energy usage, but while still being able to offer the customer a luxurious treatment. 

For many years, BC SoftWear has promoted the idea of using just 4 towels for a treatment to help therapists and salon owners reduce the amount of laundry and save costs to their business. Now more than ever they have seen a keen focus on reducing costs, but this is no excuse for providing a thin or scratchy towel or even worse a disposable towel that feels cheap and is adding to landfill.

Here are some top tips for saving laundry costs in your salon and spa:

Invest in longer towels which means less volume of washing. Jumbo sheets are extra-long and specially designed to fit the length of the couch from top to toe so there are no uncomfortable joins for your client to lie on. BC SoftWear towels are longer than the industry standard.
Reduce the number of towels per treatment - try the new Mobile Therapists Kit from the Serenity waffle towelling range, which absorbs less oil and is known for its exceptional long-lasting qualities.

Use a Supremesoft Header Towel to protect the couch and your client from germs and oils. This unique fabric feels super soft on the skin. You can cut costs and buy a couple of Header Towels rather than replacing all your towels to create an improved customer experience.

For substantial energy saving, try the new spa linen and bathrobes from SmartSoft®. This range includes; SmartKnit Towels, SupremeSoft Bathrobes and SupremeSoft Spa linen that can jointly deliver 70% guaranteed energy savings and 31% reduction in drying times.  SmartSoft ®is 100% guaranteed for sustainability and energy saving verified by the Laundry and Technology Centre to help reduce costs and increase efficiency right across your business.

Recognising that at this time is it much harder for us to see many clients, BC Softwear have created a collection of ‘How To’ Videos which demonstrate the best use of the towels they sell and their practical applications. ‘Customers are often surprised to find that we are so much more interested in their business and helping them to increase their revenues. For us, it is not simply about selling them towels and walking away. We love to see businesses thrive and we consider that we are here to offer a greater service to the industry’ says Barbara Cooke.  

For more information go to www.bcsoftwear.co.uk 
Or email: enquiries@bcsoftwear.co.uk 
Tel: + 44 (0) 845 210 4000

Thursday 12th November - PR & Comms Day
Sponsored by CryoAction


Wellbeing benefits of the treatment highlighted 

In a time when health and wellness is under the spotlight more than ever, more and more people are turning to whole body cryotherapy to help improve their overall wellbeing. Why? Well, whole body cryotherapy has the amazing benefits of multiple treatments in one.  
The extreme cold temperatures activate the most powerful, self-protective, and regenerative mechanisms in the human body. In less than 3 minutes, the brain activates its ‘fight or flight’ response. As a natural safety precaution, the body’s blood is redirected to its core, where it is cleaned and enriched. Following a cryotherapy session, a rush of oxygenated blood, nutrients and enzymes is redistributed, flooding the body, creating a euphoric-like feeling, increasing antioxidants and giving an important boost to the body’s immune system.

Not only does this touchless treatment help to strengthen the user’s immune system by increasing its white blood cell count, but the rush of endorphins helps to fight mood disorders such as anxiety, sleep deprivation and depression. As an effective stress reliever, the therapy can help the user to better manage the pressures of everyday life. 

Working as a natural pain suppressant, the extreme cold can deliver much needed pain relief to individuals who suffer from debilitating conditions such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and other joint related conditions, by reducing inflammation. For those suffering with an injury, it can decrease recovery time. It can help to relieve the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and, as an added bonus, has beauty benefits by encouraging the production of collagen and helping to keep hair looking and feeling healthy by sealing the cuticles. 

CryoAction chambers can reach temperatures down to -130C. As everyone is different, our technology allows sessions to be adapted to suit the need of the individual to maximum their response. Therefore, it’s easy to offer every client a tailored experience. Cryotherapy Chambers are being used more and more in the industry to help bridge the gender gap, enticing more clients to visit the spa and opening up a huge revenue opportunity.

CryoAction are offering, UK Spa members 10% off their luxury whole body cryotherapy, when you enquire before the end of the year by quoting code ‘UKSPA’.

For further information, you can email info@cryoaction.com,  call 0203 972 5599 or visit cryoaction.com

Friday 13th November - Health and Safety Day
Sponsored by Dermalogica


Almost everything has changed, and everyone is adapting to the new way of living and operating a business. Just when the water seems to settle, there is another shift. The current climate means constant change and fluctuation in business operations. Week by week different national or local restrictions may be enforced and running a business is challenging. Keeping on top of these changes can be all consuming, particularly as the boundaries continually shift. 

The impact of COVID is evident. According to a recent trade industry survey by NHBF, it is suggested that 3 in 4 businesses are down compared to the same period last year. This may in part be attributed to customer confidence for in person services and the changing restrictions. Whether you work on your own or employ staff it is vital to regularly assess your business requirements. Now and beyond COVID. 
Focusing on the following three aspects will secure confidence for everyone walking through your doors.

Keep track of restrictions & changes to guidance - The day-to-day operations of the business can mean that we get distracted. Ensure you are still engaged with the Health & Safety requirements for staff and customers. Check your local government guidance and professional membership organisation for any changes to close contact services. Keeping connected will allow you to re-evaluate risk assessment and quickly implement changes to realign with the relevant guidelines. 

Evaluate how the business maintains safety processes- Much like evaluating the professional standards of the services your staff provide, keep Health & Safety at the forefront. Enhanced service safety should be weaved into daily activity. Regularly assess your staff on their process. Are they adhering to the correct use of PPE, following enhanced sanitation protocols and is there any opportunity to improve? Don’t become complacent once a framework is established. Maintaining your standard is key to building confidence in staff and customers.

Actively address your staff & personal wellbeing - The prolonged nature of the pandemic means how people are coping. For some the strain of operating in an altered fashion can influence their wellbeing. Establish how your staff are feeling. Are they struggling with dermatitis of the hands due to the repeated hand washing or feeling frustrated with all the protocols? Even the apprehension of a treatment column being empty. Emotional and occupational awareness is essential to support everyone in your business. For therapists looking to address their own wellness, go to dermalinstitute.com to access the recorded webinar Wellness and Me

This free 30-minute International Dermal Institute webinar specifically addresses the important subject of therapist health and wellbeing in light of Covid-19 and the implications for providing wellbeing services to customers.

Whilst there is much to process about this difficult and challenging time, being proactive, staying ahead and adapting quickly will ease anxiety for everyone. A financially successful business relies on staff and customers feeling safe and confident in the business environment, despite a fluctuating social and economic situation.

24th & 25th November 2020

Spa Life UK 2020 in association with European Spa magazine, is a celebration of excellence and innovation in the spa and wellness industry, with a unique focus on education and self-development. Pivoting to a Virtual Event experience  - no other convention places such a strong emphasis on nurturing the community of spa professionals who make our sector what it is.

24th November 2020

The 2020 National Spa Directors Assembly will take place at 13.15 - 14.30 on Tuesday 24th November at the Spa Life UK Virtual Convention.

We will be discussing the future of spa as we (hopefully) head out of a second lockdown and the lessons learned from the second time around, including the impact, what was done differently, how agile are you now, how are you once again motivating your team, what do you think about us being regulated, plans for 2021 and much more.

All UKSA spa operator members are welcome to attend whether you are attending Spa Life or not. 
Please confirm your attendance to manager@spa-uk.org

16-17 May 2021, ExCeL London