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December 2018
Welcome to December's edition of Spa Voice
The end of the year brings about many reflections, such as "What changes do we need to be planning for 2019? How we can manage our workload differently? How do we ensure workplace wellness for ourselves and our teams?" Sound familiar? 
We're pleased to have covered many of these topics and more in Spa Voice over the last year (if you've missed them check out the back catalogue of our monthly newsletter here) ... and of course we have lots of additional hints and tips this month to see you through the festive season.
You'll also find a little festive freebie from our sponsor Versum, to help give you the edge with your client promotions and spread a little holiday cheer!

From all at the UK Spa Association, we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you at a 2019 UK Spa Association event.
Julia Leone
Spa Voice Editor

The Holidays are a magical time for sharing heartfelt wishes with friends and family, gifting presents and enjoying the sound of Christmas carols and the smell of warm gingerbread. However, for spa owners, the Holidays tend to be far more hectic. Throughout most of December, spas are overflowing with appointments, supplies are flying off the shelves and there is hardly any time to exchange warm wishes with every customer. 

By now, your spa is already looking festive - the Christmas tree is up, ribbons and baubles are hanging in the windows and Holiday music is playing all day. But when you think about it, your competition is doing the same. What can you do to create a more unique Holiday experience for your spa customers? 
The answer is simple - offer festive gift cards. The Versum team has designed a set of ornate, festive-themed gift vouchers, which you can print out and offer to your clients. Besides spreading Holiday cheer, here are some of the benefits you can expect to see from offering them at your spa:

Increased sales
Did you know? Gift cards are one of the most popular stocking stuffers people purchase for their close ones during the Holiday season - and with a colourful and festive design, who can resist getting one? For the undecided present buyer, not knowing what to get for their close one is not a problem, since gift cards can be utilised for any product or service the owner desires. Offering an elegantly designed card at your spa is the safest bet! 
Welcoming new customers
More often than not, your loyal customers buy gift cards for their friends and family, who may or may not have paid a visit to your business in the past. However, it is thanks to their purchase that you gain new clients who will book a service at your spa in order to utilise their gift card. If the client is satisfied with their new look and feels great after their initial service, chances are you have gained a loyal customer who will recommend your spa to others as well! 

Easy gift card management
Aside from increased sales and the number of new customers, managing your gift cards and revenue gained from them is streamlined with the help of Versum, spa software. The program keeps track of all of the active gift cards and details pertaining to them, such as the employee who sold it, the remaining balance and the client who owns it. Additionally, you have the option of creating an expiration date on your gift cards in order to encourage clients to utilise sooner!
Simply download the files, print out your cards and fill the information in by hand! Turn a regular visit at your spa into something memorable - give clients the perfect festive present that they will love. Spread the Holiday cheer with Versum!

Download your free gift card templates here.

Celebrating the season with a drink?
by Julia leone
Whether you’re creating a promotional evening or just to saying thank you to your existing clients.  Can you do this legally? 

In the past, we would openly offer clients a glass of mulled wine, a glass of prosecco without a thought. However, now… Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin are all great ways to promote the festive season.  But, if you advertise your business with a photo of a client drinking in your business or promote a treatment offering a glass of wine (without the relevant license) did you know you could be fined £15,000.00!!!

To find out how to stay on the right side of the law click below . . .

How to reward your team this festive period.
by Clare Cockell

We all love the festive period, and it’s the perfect way to express a thanks to the team at the end of the year for working so hard.

So, what can we do to reward the team? 

Getting into the spirit of festive fun, a secret Santa is a great way to celebrate and have the team bond and think about what each other may like or appreciate. 

Perhaps you could offer a voucher to a set value to enjoy treatments throughout the year, or a treatment for each to enjoy in January? That way everyone gets to . . .


The future of Health and Wellbeing is in our own hands
by Christine-Alice Hartigan
Why should we learn more about our bodies?

From the beginning of our lives we have learnt the basic essentials of how to survive. Taught to walk, taught to eat and taught to rest. These are the fundamental actions in our daily lives. In our ancestry, pre-historic man would have had to hunt for food, hunt for meat and forage for good vegetables and fruit and then rest, it was our only way for survival.
In today’s world, we have food accessible 24/7 and have ready-meals which eliminate any need for activity like our ancestors which has led to a sedimentary lifestyle. Our energies have been converted to use in on our work, social and family life and we are becoming less active as a result. Those activities rarely require a raised heart beat which is important for our cardio vascular and respiratory systems.

Equally now more than ever we are connected to the 24/7 world so it leaves little time for rest and downtime. 
One of the greatest concerns in our life is what we eat! We are eating less nutrient dense foods, which has been replaced by preservatives and man-made additives. Not only does eating less nutrient dense food can lead to physical ill-health but also affects our . . 

Raising your business profile
by Kirsty Mawhinney

Planning for the festive season can start as early as the previous Christmas for big high street retailers. Of course not as easy for some of us who run small businesses. There are clients to serve and staff to manage. However foreplanning can reap real rewards.
If you have only just come up for air and realised you need to get into the Christmas jingle.

Here are a few ideas to get your staff and your business singing, “Deck the halls . . .”
First, let’s start with your goals:
  1. Bringing awareness of your services and products you retail, raising your business profile business.
  2. Rewarding your loyal clients. I like the three“R’s”Reward, Retain, Renew.There is so much value in your existing client base and it's easy to take them for granted.
  3. Increasing your retail sales and customers average spend over the festive season.
  4. Gift vouchers are essential at this time of year. 
Click below to read more . . .

Better Together - UK Spa Association and UKActive
Announce New Membership Alliance
The UK Spa Association (UKSA) and ukactive have announced a new partnership, offering a new ‘Active Spa’ membership for businesses which provide both spa and fitness services.

The new membership option comes as a result of the growth of the UK wellness industry, with organisations now increasingly embracing a holistic approach to wellness that includes spa, relaxation and fitness.

‘Active Spa’ will offer members the specialist support of both membership bodies in a single affordable package – ensuring members can benefit from expertise in improving reputation, brand awareness and growth across the spa and physical activity sectors.

Key support services across both organisations in the areas of spa and fitness include: health and safety advice, strategic business growth and counsel, discounts on sector events and networking opportunities, public awareness campaigning, benchmarking and much more. 

Charlie Thompson, chairman of the UKSA, said: “With the strong growth from nil to more than 500 member spas in four years, the UK Spa Association recognises the need to represent the industry more fully in the future, and the insight our experts can provide to support the national wellness drive started by ukactive makes perfect sense.  

“Our members will get better value from this joint membership option and our reach will extend beyond 1,000 spas to really push the crucial issues around national wellbeing, and also industry staffing that are at the crux of the future for us all. We hope spa operators will see this partnership as a huge benefit to the growth and credibility of the spa industry in the UK.”

Steven Scales, client services director at ukactive said: “It is important as an organisation we continually evolve our offering for members. The rise of spa and wellness services, along with the growth of the boutique sector, has accelerated across the globe in recent years. We are therefore delighted to announce a new partnership between ukactive and the UKSA. 

“The ability to share best practice and expertise between us will further enhance the support we can provide to our members and ensure we make progress in our mission to get more people more active, more often.”

For more information about the new Active Spa membership option contact
Industry Events for 2019
We have a number of important industry events on the horizon as we coast towards 2019, including: 
  • UK Spa Association Networking Day - 23rd Jan at VENUE TBC incorporating the Northern Spa Directors Assembly.
  • Professional Beauty on the 24th and 25th February (London Excel)
  • World Spa & Wellness Convention (London Excel) 24th & 25th February 2018
  • UK Spa Association Spring Networking Day - 3rd April at Rudding Park, Harrogate
  • Wellness Collective Event's European Networking event - 24th - 27th April, Sicily
Next Spa Directors Assemblies: 
  • London - March 
  • South West - March
  • Northern - January
  • National - May 20th at the NEC Birmingham
  • Scottish - February 26th at Bythswood Square, Glasgow

A Note From The Chair . . .

When reflecting on the value of membership, I’m always drawn to new sales or new ideas and development.

However with the UK Spa Association increasingly the value is on education and management development. How we as managers improve ourselves, and therefore our staff who work in our fantastic spas.

The links to other professionals, the value of data insight and the attraction of knowing what other people are doing should provide great reassurance in our own day-to-day business spas. It’s an investment, all marketing spend and that’s not just in your business but in yourself.

Charlie Thompson
UKSA Chair

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our new look website here to find out more about our strategic priorities.