UKSA Covid-19 Reopening Guidelines

We are delighted to provide our UKSA COVID-19 Reopening guidance for spas and salons throughout the UK.

This guidance has been created by the UK Spa Association for its members and the wider UK spa industry and is designed for the initial reopening period and anticipated social distancing restrictions.
We were invited to consult with the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on the publication of the guidance document for “close contact services, including hair and beauty” released on 23rd June 2020. 
At the same time we have been busy gathering feedback from the industry, through our 'What's Next for Wellness' survey as well as innumerable Spa Director and Supplier Assemblies, to understand the information we needed to provide to help UK spas re-open as safely and successfully as possible.
While the government guidelines cover all industries with close contact work, our guidelines have been tailored specifically for spas and salons. Within this detailed and comprehensive document you will find the information you need to open in a COVID safe way.

Please note however, that this guidance is not a legal requirement and does not replace government guidance. It is important to remember that every spa and salon is different, and so each spa operator and individual should consider how our guidance best fits with the requirements of your own business, and of course there is no reason why you can't go above the guidance within this document, if you feel it is appropriate. However, it is not advised to operate below these standards.

Finally, it is essential that we thank the many, many UKSA members who have taken time to join me on the UKSA Assemblies over recent months.  The support and commitment you have shown to us and each other through this crisis has been nothing short of phenomenal. I would also like to give particular thanks to the sponsors of the survey, the 59club and also the UKSA board and working group who have contributed to the production of this document for the benefit of the industry.
Warm Regards
Helena Grzesk
UKSA General Manager

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Face Coverings
Face coverings are mandatory for guests and staff. Staff should wear a visor in addition to a face covering. Visors are recommended but face masks are mandatory. Customers are also required to wear a face covering. Coronavirus (COVID19) Retail sector guidance including close contact services
Face coverings are mandatory for guests from Aug 8th*.  If necessary, the client can remove their face mask for a treatment to be carried out. For practitioners a visor is required, face coverings may be used additionally. In England, you must wear a face covering in the following indoor settings (a list of examples for each is included (please hyperlink to the guidance
  • premises providing personal care and beauty treatments (hair salons, barbers, nail salons, massage centres, tattoo and piercing parlours)
Exemptions from Definition of shop include (hyperlink link to legislation  Read more here
2.  Indoor fitness studios, gyms, dance studios, leisure centres, indoor swimming pools, water parks, funfairs, theme parks or other premises for indoor sports, leisure or adventure activities.
We would recommend that guests are encouraged to wear their face coverings on arrival and in the dry side areas of the spa, including the treatment room. Treatments on the face are not permitted at this time so there would be no need for a guest to remove the face covering for a treatment.
Northern Ireland
Face coverings are NOT mandatory for guests but are recommended. For practitioners a visor is required, face coverings may be used additionally.
Face coverings are NOT mandatory for guests. Staff should wear a visor. It should be observed that for high risk treatments on the face, a visor will not provide sufficient protection. Practitioners are strongly advised that if they are not appropriately trained and wearing the most appropriate PPE they should not carry out treatments that will bring them within the ‘highest risk zone’ of clients.(‘High risk zone’ treatments are covered in Section 3.2 and Personal Protective Equipment is covered in more detail in Section 5)
Reopening of Gyms and Pools
The following are indicative dates only – conditional on 10th September review. With effect from Monday 14th September. (Scotland's route map)
  • Gyms (indoor) can re-open following relevant guidance including on physical distancing and enhanced hygiene. We will keep this under review to consider whether an earlier re-opening date is feasible.
  • Swimming pools (indoor) can re-open following relevant guidance. We will keep this under review to consider whether an earlier re-opening date is feasible.
Indoor fitness including swimming pools, spa pools and gyms can reopen from August 10th.
Pools and gyms in England and Northern Ireland are OPEN
Reopening of Saunas and Steam rooms
We are seeking clarity from Scottish Government if these facilities can be reopened with pools and gyms from September 14th, or sooner
Saunas and Steam rooms must remain CLOSED until 15th August at the earliest
Northern Ireland 
Saunas and steam rooms are OPEN
Saunas and steam rooms must remain CLOSED until further guidance is released
Treatments in the 'highest risk zone'
Scotland have not banned treatment from taking place in the high risk zone.  However, if treatments in the high risk zone cannot be carried out without the ability to be provided from the side of the face or behind the head and therefore require prolonged periods in the highest risk zone then they should not be offered. Customers are required to wear a face covering.
Postponed until August 15th at the earliest, awaiting update to the close contact services GOV.UK guidance.
Northern Ireland 
Northern Ireland will publish their own close contact services guidance (they haven’t given the publish date yet)
Welsh Government’s strong advise that you do not perform high risk treatments on the face unless you have been trained and are wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), noted in section 5 of the updated guidance. Coronavirus workplace guidance for Beauty, Holistic and wellbeing services updated August 5th



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