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 Wrtten by Christine-Alice HartiganMay day! May day! In this month’s blog I’llbe talking about the importance of getting the right nutrients into your body and what to be aware of when selecting your foods!Why is this important?The most important element for ensuringgood health is food.  Learningabout th
- Written by Brigita Kliucinskaite - University of Derby  The Spa industry, valued at 119 billion US dollars in 2018, is a leader in revenue growth in the whole wellness industry with the av
- Written by Aija Rozenberga - University of Derby We have become an open book for algorithms. Your smart mattress may know more about your health than your GP. If you have a smart kettle that ta
- Written by Hannah Briggs - University of Derby  When you hear the word ‘spa’, what do you think of? I asked a friend, who is not in the industry but is a keen spa goer this question, they
 Habia/SkillsActive have been working with industry experts and regulators nationwide to develop a suite of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Aesthetic Treatments. Initial research b
- by Brigita Kliucinskaite - University of Derby  Without any doubt, today’s world is highly overloaded with ‘’trends’’. The millennial world is led, ruled and pushed forward by trends,
- by  Aija Rozenberga - University of Derby  Happy people have some things in common. That lightness in their steps or twinkle in eyes, and the glowing aura of optimism.T
- by Hannah Briggs - University of Derby  Graduating can be a daunting process. This is when the time finally comes to integrate yourself into the real world and trade in the £1.50 Jäge
- Written by Steve Scales The UKSA's partnership with ukactive continues to develop with the growth of the Active Spa membership for operators with spa and leisure facilities within their busines

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