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How Generation Z Expectations Will Change the Future of the Spa Industry

- by Franki Johnson As a result of new technologies, the rise of social media and the sharing economy, the world is experiencing a dramatic industrial to digital shift. Although we are very aware of the shifts taking place around us, leaders tend to leave behind the changing expectations of the workforce.Generation Z (born 1995-2010) have grow
 Wrtten by Christine-Alice HartiganMay day! May day! In this month’s blog I’llbe talking about the importance of getting the right nutrients into your body and what to be awar
- Written by Brigita Kliucinskaite - University of Derby  The Spa industry, valued at 119 billion US dollars in 2018, is a leader in revenue growth in the whole wellness industry with the av
- Written by Aija Rozenberga - University of Derby We have become an open book for algorithms. Your smart mattress may know more about your health than your GP. If you have a smart kettle that ta
- Written by Hannah Briggs - University of Derby  When you hear the word ‘spa’, what do you think of? I asked a friend, who is not in the industry but is a keen spa goer this question, they
 Habia/SkillsActive have been working with industry experts and regulators nationwide to develop a suite of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Aesthetic Treatments. Initial research b
- by Brigita Kliucinskaite - University of Derby  Without any doubt, today’s world is highly overloaded with ‘’trends’’. The millennial world is led, ruled and pushed forward by trends,
- by  Aija Rozenberga - University of Derby  Happy people have some things in common. That lightness in their steps or twinkle in eyes, and the glowing aura of optimism.T
- by Hannah Briggs - University of Derby  Graduating can be a daunting process. This is when the time finally comes to integrate yourself into the real world and trade in the £1.50 Jäge