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by Juliet Wheater Who couldn’t do with a lift in this continued crazy world we’re living in right now? In these uncertain and anxious times, not only are we dealing with numerous stressors but many of us our finding the lockdown and post-Christmas pounds still creeping on. How about if we could find a way to help with both our physical and men
 by Diane Hey - Therapist, Employer, EducatorVice Chair Beauty Professional Apprenticeship Trailblazer Steering GroupApprenticeship AmbassadorAs the world faces the largest challenge known in our
  We at the UK Spa Association are delighted to present our 15th National Spa Week as from 9th – 15th November. Now that spa is back to work and in no small part, due to the i
 More and more people are having therapy; around 1.5 million Britons saw a private therapist last year, and with the Covid pandemic triggering mental health issues for many, it’s likely this year
By Juliet Wheater It was reported back in April, that the Himalayas were visible from India , amid the government’s lockdown to fight the corona virus, allowing residents to see the towering peak
By Juliet Wheater  People are falling in love with crystals, a trend accelerated by celebrity endorsements from the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, Khloe Kardashian,
 Thankfully many spas are now open and operational. We at the UK Spa Association, fought long and hard for this outcome so we wondered how members of our industry felt about their return to the w
 The UK spa industry needs some good cheer just now as it begins the slow journey out of lockdown. Perhaps this can come from looking to the past rather than the future and reflecting that it was
- by Juliet Wheater Self-care can include a myriad of practices that an individual finds both enjoyable and in some way promotes physical, emotional, spiritual and/or mental health. According to

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