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Supporting the emotional wellness of your team is a complex business because we are dealing with people. People who have hopes and fears, dreams and dilemmas. We are also dealing with sensitive people
It’s a New Year and a great time to refocus and regroup. One thing we are learning more and more is that the mind-set is very powerful in helping us achieve and deliver. It gives us confidence and mot
Have you ever been on a training course and felt inspired re-energised ready to deliver what you have learnt to all your clients? January Can be a month to schedule training develop staff in further s
A great massage should offer much more than physical relief and relaxation. Delivered with knowledge, humanity, professionalism and commitment, a client should feel cared for. They should also feel a
It’s time to start thinking about the January gym rush, it’s the busiest month for gym sign-ups and expect to see a lot of your existing members back in the gym working off their Christmas dinners! Ma
Pamela and Lynsey are passionate about creating a complete lifestyle experience which will enable you to relax, reset, and improve clarity thus allowing you to continue your life’s adventures in a mor
A successful and effective PR and marketing strategy are built through a consistent on-brand message, so by making sure you’re on point throughout the year, the shoulder months of January & Februa
Christmas is a great time to hold an event and can boost revenue with retail sales and services in the spa. There are many different things you can do at your event, and it can depend on your individu

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