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Why Do Guests Visit Spas?

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- by Diane Nettleton


Why do guests visit spas? There are so many reasons. A hen party, a celebration, Mothers and daughters, brides to be, mums to be, a relaxing break, an indulgent break but there are also those who want time to just be, those who have gone through some life changing experience such as divorce, redundancy or bereavement. Those that are lonely and just wanting the power of touch, those that are ill physically or mentally.

The most important aspect of all these people is that they all want an experience that fulfils their needs, it is not about what is done to them but how they are made to feel.
Recruitment and training are the two most important aspects in achieving this. In our business for recruitment we look for therapists that have empathy, in training apart from skills and protocols we teach them how to recognise and fulfil each guest expectations.

Years of hospitality have taught me that the guest comes first, we are serving others with compassion and humility. We have created our own skincare brand to reflect all our values. A product shouldn’t be a commodity sat on a shelf but something that adds to the guest experience and how we make them feel. Using an exceptionally high level of natural and organic ingredients, going back to nature and fulfilling the needs of guests who now look for sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging all contributes to building loyalty. Guests are looking to invest their money on brands that stand for something other than profit. Values for money not just value for money.

Developing interesting and thorough treatments that treat the body and the mind and carrying these out to such a high standard bring passion and compassion together curating authentic and enriching experiences. Using natural products and making the most of your environment whether that be countryside, seaside or city you can also help guests to connect with their feelings and create lifelong memories in the spa. Spa is still one of the few places to connect with people rather than pixels. It is a place for our guests to pause, reset and listen to our inner voice. A guest once told me that a day in one of our spas left her feeling like she had taken a two week holiday, a great compliment and making everything seem worthwhile.

My hope for the future is that spas become more integrated into their local community. When I was growing up we had a local community centre which hosted leisure activities such as ballroom dancing, clinics such as weight watchers, baby clinics it was the heart of the community. You could hire it for celebrations, I remember Friday Club a teenage hang out. As people struggle with health issues and GPs workloads increases, as we all search for more fulfilment and experiences a spa can bring people together. Providing non-revenue areas such as sociable relaxation, spa gardens, quiet relaxation zones can make a spa more profitable by setting the scene encouraging guests to spend time in the spa.

As the spa, beauty and wellness industry continue to grow they are becoming much more than an indulgent treat. Wellbeing is not just a trip to the gym or a massage but what are we doing every day for our health, happiness, relationships, personal development, impact and career and spas have an integral role to play in all of these.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2020