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We’d like to thank the sponsors of the UK Spa Association’s Work for Wellness survey, they include: 


Spa Life International, Journey Travel, La Rue Verte, Body Ballancer and Salon Life. 


Our report and its contents would not have been possible without our members also. Therefore, we’d like to thank all participants, as we look for guidance during this difficult time. 

Key findings with regard to ‘Impact on Business & People’ concluded that 92.3% of participants reported severe or significant impact on their businesses, with 87% reporting that the majority of their staff have been furloughed and unfortunately, 27.7% anticipate the need to make redundancies on re-opening. 79.5% of businesses have applied for a Business Interruption Loan. 

Our findings have shown that missing important calendar dates, such as: Mother’s Day, Easter and Summer holidays, will be deemed to have had a negative effect on revenue. 31.1% believe that gross revenue change will be down + 51%. 

It was interesting to note therefore, that 54% stated that they aim to re-open their spas, immediately that our sector allows. Although only 13% state they anticipate opening in full, with the safety of both staff and clients, being paramount in any decision to re-open in any capacity. 

38.3% of participants plan to restrict the use of thermal facilities with 21.8% planning to phase the reopening of their pool areas, with restricted usage also. 

Our conversations with the APPG surrounded the subjects of PPE and guidelines with regard to social distancing. Through our survey, its evident that we require vital guidelines around the use of PPE and how social distancing can be implemented. 

Its anticipated by quite a majority, that ALL staff will be required to wear PPE. Respondents believe PPE will be required in some form front of house, back of house, laundry and when receiving deliveries. Suffice it to say, PPE extends well beyond the treatment room. 

78.2% believe that therapists should wear face masks, whether the government advise it or not and many respondents to our survey, want guidance on the type, quality and from where, masks are to be sourced from. With findings pointing to the cost of the masks, to be passed to clients. 

It’s accepted that facial treatments will need to be suspended, although our findings indicate that the government need to identify which treatments might be suitable on reopening and which sanitisation procedures will need to be adopted post Covid-19, so that all operations will be working to the same standard. 

With regard to gyms and their classes, our data shows that the majority believe class numbers should be reduced. A secondary response was a phased return to full use, another popular suggestion was the removal of certain pieces of equipment. 

The good news is that our industry has a real platform in which to educate the consumer with regard to their physical and mental health and wellbeing. We embrace the opportunity in this new age, to upskill our existing workforce with regard to this important, multi-faceted work. 



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Thursday, 01 October 2020