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Raising your Business Profile

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Planning for the festive season can start as early as the previous Christmas for big high street retailers. Of course not as easy for some of us who run small businesses. There are clients to serve and staff to manage. However foreplanning can reap real rewards.

If you have only just come up for air and realised you need to get into the Christmas jingle.

Here are a few ideas to get your staff and your business singing, “Deck the halls with holly.”

First, let’s start with your goals:

  1. Bringing awareness of your services and products you retail, raising your business profile business.
  2. Rewarding your loyal clients. I like the three “R’s”. Reward, Retain, Renew. There is so much value in your existing client base and it's easy to take them for granted.
  3. Increasing your retail sales and customers average spend over the festive season.
  4. Gift vouchers are essential at this time of year.

Festive Selfies

It requires a bit of planning an investment, however, you will reap the rewards. All you need is an empty picture frame. To get in the festive spirit, decorate around the picture frame.

Who would not want a selfie here!

Top Tip:

Strategically place your brand logo, social media and products as backdrops for your selfie station. It needs to look subtle so that customers don’t feel like it's an advertisement.

Hashtag it! Create a unique and memorable hashtag. This will help set you apart from many spa and salons and allow your festive season campaign to stand out.

Christmas Party live tutorials

Post a live tutorial of this season nail designs and colours. Tutorials are very effective at showing future customers your skills but also allowing them to be creative and try to learn a technique that you have mastered. Research has shown that customers have subsequently bought products or services post watching online tutorials. A video is a new medium so let's get using it!

Top Tip: Make sure that the products you are using are in full display and that viewers know where and how to buy the products and services that you are displaying in the video.

Rewarding your clients

Rewarding loyal clients

There are many ways to do this, be genuine is all I can say! As it is the season for giving why not offer your clients regular treatment complimentary.  

Top Tip: Be sure to give them the complimentary treatment card with valid to and from date as you would ideally prefer them to use the gift during a quieter time of year. Do include who may benefit from the treatment as they could pass it onto a friend.

Retain your clients

Inviting your regular clients in for an exclusive “Christmas Nibbles and Shopping” evening to be the first to see Christmas gift hampers and exclusive offers that are on offer.

Top Tip: Offer the evening as a live ‘online shopping’ experience valid for the next few days. The festive season is already jam-packed with a number of social engagements so even if your clients would love to attend and support you they may already have prior commitments.


It happens that sometimes we lose clients due to a variety of reasons. Why not extend a special discount/gift to clients who have not been into the spa/salon for a few months. You could send out a gift in the post thanking them for their custom and inviting them back to your business with a ‘Thank you, Gift Card’.

Top Tip: Customers are very savvy and need to feel valued, so personalise the message and handwritten is proven to be more personable. Try inkpact for human to human messages.

Increasing retail sales

Your clients are hungry for original gift ideas and festive inspiration at this time of year. We are all looking for that special gift for a friend, family member or teacher.

People rarely buy what they need. They buy what they want. – Seth Godin

Top Tip: Gifting hampers or bundles which offer customers the opportunity give themselves a ‘mini-treatment’ at home. Offer a ‘How to Guide’ with a testimonial of a client and their experience of using the product hamper. Promote self-care as a concept which we can all embrace and benefit from.

Gift Vouchers

Christmas Gift Vouchers should be different from your standard gift voucher. Firstly it should be designed for the season. Customers who will come receive the gift may be an existing client or potentially a new client.

What is the secret to turning a gift voucher client into a regular client? Service, attention to detail and customer care.

Top Tip:

Gift Vouchers should have a unique code so you can track how many of your gift vouchers are in circulation. Ensure there is a valid to and from date.

Send a follow up ‘Thank You’ card to the person who bought the gift voucher, thanking them for entrusting your business to give that special gift to their friend/family member/colleague. In the ‘Thank You’ card you can offer an incentive to the person who was the giver receives a gift too.  Remember that for each Gift Voucher there are two customers, not one.

Ho-ho-ho- happy holidays!

Written by Kirsty Mawhinney

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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

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