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 Wrtten by Christine-Alice Hartigan


May day! May day! In this month’s blog I’llbe talking about the importance of getting the right nutrients into your body and what to be aware of when selecting your foods!

Why is this important?

The most important element for ensuringgood health is food.  Learningabout thefoodsweput into our bodies and what foods are good for each of us individually is key.Everyperson will ultimately have a different reaction to foods based on DNA make-up and ancestry. Also some people who are finding intolerances to certain foods may not necessarily be intolerancesto the foods they think they are. In some cases, intolerances can be reversed through detoxing, fasting or eliminating the foods causing the reaction. Some people could actually reverse these intolerances with detoxing the body through fasting or reverting to eating foods which do not have these elements within them. 

BE AWARE: Items which can be sold us as “Food” in the shops and advertised to us by brands don’t always providenutritious value to our bodies.


BE AWARE: Vitamin absorption! Even if we are eating our daily vitamin and mineral recommended allowance, we may not be absorbing them! Absorption of vitamins into our bodies can only happen if we have a layer of good fat in our stomach, if we eliminate fat completely it is likely some of the nutrients arebeing expelled without absorption. Drinking Caffeine before and after meals can also negate the effectof eating  healthy foods and can interfere with the body’s vitamin absorption.


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BE AWARE: Hidden sugars and the replacement of fat withsugar or sweetenersin low fat foodsdoes not help us create a healthy body Hidden sugars can also be the root cause  of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes symptoms are Increased thirst,Increased hunger (especially after eating), Dry mouth, Frequent urination or urine infections, Unexplained weight loss (even though you are eating and feel hungry), Fatigue (weak, tired feeling), Blurred vision and Headaches. The saving grace is that Type 2 diabetes is reversible as long as we change what we eat and pay attention to these hidden sugars and take part in daily physical activity. This can also be achieved without diabetes medication; which in itself testament that this is a lifestyle problem and must be addressed.Low fat diet plans can allow you to lose weight by creating a calorie deficit but this does not meanyou aren’teating healthy foods for your body. Also, sugar-laden foods won’t enable us to maximise our energy output required for the day and does not help with balancing our moods.

Amanda Winwood Managing Director of Made for Life Organics, in her brilliant talk at the UKSA Spa networking at Rudding Park, saidthere is evidence to suggest that gluten maybe not be the factor for people who are gluten intolerance. It may be the factthat foods which contain gluten have been sprayed with four times as much pesticides then other foods. This could mean that those people may actually be reacting to the pesticides rather than the gluten.

BE AWARE: Foods which we eat that come in plastic or metal packaging can also contain harmful microplastics and poisonous metals which we sub-consciously ingesting into our bodies and which may not be expelled.


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BE AWARE: Mass production diet plans! Following a bespoke eating plan based your own DNA and tolerance will be the only true wayto know what foods are best for you!  Mass production diets are based on calorie deficit and not necessarily what is the healthiest diet for you.


BE AWARE: Food is the one the best ways to avoid mood swings by limiting glucose intake. Glucose overdose can cause stress with change in moods. These mood swings over a sustained period of time can aid prolonged cortisol release which can lead to ill-health emotionally and mentally.



Who should do this?


Everyone! We should ALL begin to take ownership and responsibility of what we ultimately put into our bodies.  By taking this task upon ourselves wewill not only prevent illness in the long-term but also open up opportunitiesto think more sustainably about food and our planet.


When should we start?

Now… is the short answer, it is never too late to readdress your personal eating habits and to START NEW HEALTHY GOOD ones. At homeand at workthis will have a positive effect, people will start to take notice and listen and you may even inspire others around you to makethe same assessment andlearn about food and what you are eating.

How should we approach this new desire to learn about what we are eating?

There are two ways in which you can begin this process;

  • ·Book in for a DNA/ Blood Food intolerance test by a recommended nutritionist.


  • ·Create a diary of your own to record what you are eating, when you are eating and record how you feel both physically and emotionally in response to the foods you are eating.


Eliminating common allergens such as wheat/gluten/yeast, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, coffee, vinegar and soy could be a great way to re-boost your body’s metabolism and actually re-learn how our bodies react to certain foods. Each person will have an individual reaction to certain foods.


Remember eating the right foods for your body is very important but without the correct amount of water consumption this can lead to long-term dehydration which is can lead to poor skin and, ill-health!

“You may ask why this blog is very personalised and why is it included within the spa voice which should be telling me how to maximise my spa business, the reason is very simple and clear, at the end of the day, we are all human! Whether you are a spa owner, a consultant, therapist or a spa product supplier we must be healthy in order to work. Working in the spa industry can be very busy, time constrainedand involve long hours because we are dedicated to looking after people. 30 years’ later the NHS staff have seen the individual effects of increased stress levels which has been caused by a neglect in personal healthcare of their own staff and is now a problem for the staff .”

I would very much like to hear from you in the comments below. I hope that this article will at the very least inspire you to think differently about the foods you are eating.  If you decide to begin a food diary and record the foods you eat and record how you feel and note any physical changes, it would be great to hear about what you have found!

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