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There has been much discussion and conflicting views concerning safety and best practice to ensure the linen used in a spa or hotel is disinfected from any potential virus threats, and more specifically the COVID-19 virus. Some people suggest boil washing at 90 degrees and using bleach, which will may help to remove the virus, but as towelling experts, we know that this will also weaken your linen substantially over a period over time, thus reducing its overall lifespan. Ensuring the longevity of your towels and linen is essential to assisting you in reducing long term costs of replacement items and we are also mindful that using bleach and high temperatures is not good for the environment or our efforts to improve our industry’s responsibility to corporate sustainability. 

When put under the microscope, it is possible to see the effect of detergents and optical brightening agents and even bleach, which are often used by operators to attempt to keep towels looking brighter for longer. In actual fact, these brightening agents may contribute to the rapid degeneration of the towel leading to reduced performance, tears, a lifting of the colour and discoloration. The drying process can also be overtly harsh. The length of the loop or pile is extra-long, as it is the pile which is often singed. The towel fibres are literally burnt through excessive heat and over drying. The heat causes the tops of the pile to shrivel and harden which stops the towel from being soft and fluffy anymore. 

Washing Recommendations

Machine Cycle Management: 3 minutes at a temperature of 71 degrees or 10 mins at 65 degrees will provide thermal disinfection, however, for those operators who are conscious of laundry energy savings, experts recommend a detergent called Sparenity, which combines low temperature bug kill and odour elimination with excellent cleaning performance. Halo destroys the H1N1 flu virus, which is an enveloped virus like Covid-19, in 5 minutes contact time at 30˚C. Halo also kills MRSA bacteria and C. difficile spores.

Beware of any products which claim anti-bacterial properties. Covid-19 is not a bacteria, it is a virus and these products will not therefore provide any protection.

Consider the environment: Hotel and Spa operators may consider using one off use linen. This type of product needs to be disposed of safely and given the virus can live for days on some surfaces, this many contribute to the excessive storage of unnecessary biohazard, whilst putting an additional burden on landfill. 

Using the latest SmartSoft Collection by BC Softwear, will provide further energy savings, particulary in reduction of oil absorption and reduction in drying times. BC Softwear is committed to providing energy efficient towelling solutions for Spas, Hotels and Laundries wishing to substantially reduce their energy consumption, with a responsibility to the environment. In the past 12 months the company has reduced all single use plastic from the towels and slippers.