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Industry Needs

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In this time of industry crisis every spa/salon and mobile company are vying for staff and we are now in a unique position where for once the therapist has the upper hand in the industry.

Therapists are able to choose the pick of several roles being offered by multiple brands and companies , for employers you are fighting for the best staff but are nervous that they will not stay or that they will be poached or lured away by better pay/benefits etc.

The industry needs to change the approach to staff investment in a big way otherwise there will be no therapists to fill the hundreds of roles still vacant, so what can you do?

Traditionally college’s leavers/graduates were shunned deemed not good enough to provide the necessary service and skill to the employer or client therefore being a hassle and actually costing a company money instead of making it - but really what is the cost of that now?

Experience therapists can command great salaries but can also make demands on what they are willing or not willing to do fining them is looking for a needle in the haystack and time consuming and offer costly if agencies fees are being paid for sourcing staff.

Hiring graduates is proven to be a cost effective way for employers to develop their own talent by investing in a graduate it will allow you to nurture and grow your own team. This will ensure sustainability of your workforce it ensures you will have an employee who is not only trained to industry standards but also understands your unique workplace.

The student can be moulded not having picked up any bad habits to ensure fantastic service and treatments and most crucially they are passionate, willing and eager to secure a role that will support their development.

We have to remember they should not be treated as cheap labour to do the tasks normally associated to a junior role but as an asset and investment to future proof your business.

Jo will be doing a talk on this subject at our summer networking event on the 4th July.

by Jo Harris

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Thursday, 18 July 2019

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