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How to Avoid Stressmas

How To Avoid StressMass


Strategies to Reduce Christmas Stress 

Make a List

It works for Santa and it will work for you. List the things you have to do to prepare for the holiday season, such as gift shopping on one side of the page and the things you want to do, such as special holiday baking on the other side of the page. Ticking items off a list as they are accomplished is so satisfying, however, to also bear in mind that lists can also be a cause of stress, if they are not realistic. 

Pick and Choose Your Christmas Activities

Many of us do what we do during the holiday season just because we always have, turning the entire month of December into a mad whirl of non-stop Christmas preparations and activities. If the things on your list that you HAVE to do outnumber the things that you WANT to do, then it's time to make your list more manageable by eliminating some of these holiday activities.

Get Help

Who says that you personally have to wrap all the Christmas gifts, do all the baking, and do all the holiday season decorating? Hire a cleaner to spruce up your home, use the gift wrapping services that many businesses provide at this time of year. Assign tasks to other family members. Using time management strategies of outsourcing and delegation will lighten your workload and your mood. Embrace the imperfection of the season and stop looking for perfection, good enough will most certainly do! 

Get the Christmas Sparkle Back 

The holiday period should be a joy not an ordeal. Attend a special holiday concert, make snow angels with the kids or just take a long hot bath. Any Christmas stress will drop considerably. Regain the equilibrium you need to appreciate and enjoy the true spirit of the festive season.

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