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Fashionizer Face Masks

by Fashionizer


There is no doubt that this pandemic has forever changed the world, and this is especially true for all of us working in the spa and wellness industry. Although we all believe the spa and beauty industry will be in high demand once this is all over, we are also aware that there will be quite a few challenges to overcome before businesses can get back to some semblance of normality. 

In the past few weeks, we have been listening attentively to Zoom conversations within the global spa community and focusing on what this new “normal” might mean for spas, and especially what new protocols will be introduced upon reopening. All members in the industry believe that there will be major changes to the spa experience, which will involve collating data online before a visit, as well as wearing protective face masks for both therapists and spa-goers. 




Fashionizer Spa normally supplies sustainable uniforms to luxury spas around the world, however, with the world of spa in shutdown, the team at Fashionizer have been focusing on looking forward. Until a vaccine is found, spas will need to find a way to operate and offer the vital services for the wellbeing of their communities. This will require a great deal of flexibility, creativity, and invention. We believe that wearing face masks will be a key part of the new spa experience. 

We have been very busy in the past month, researching fabrics, treatments, and developing mask prototypes. We have found that our expertise in fabric development, extensive materials library and our commitment to sustainability have all contributed greatly to our ability to find solutions to this very complex problem. 

Due to the shortages of PPE and medical face masks for the NHS and healthcare workers, Fashionizer Spa has been working on solutions that could be used in spa environments, which will offer protection, but are not full PPE standard. We believe that with ongoing shortages, PPE should be preserved for medical personnel only. Cloth masks are however, better than no protection at all, according to testing by the Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health Inc. Their main purpose being to not infect others, and to prevent the touching of noses and mouths, which is a critical method of virus transmission. 

We have put together some of the research we have found regarding fabric face masks and mask wearing protocols, which you can read on our website.

The face masks we have developed consist of three layers of fabric, the top layer is either 100% cotton or our organic CPF, (Cotton Performance Fabric), an exclusive fabric normally used to keep therapists cool and fresh in warm spa environments. The middle layer is a non-woven layer of interlining for filtration and the lining is a soft cotton polyester fabric soft against the face. A lightweight metal wire in the top centre ensures a good fit around the nose. 

We have tested the durability of our masks – they are guaranteed to last a minimum of 20 washes, although we anticipate that they will last a lot longer. We will be offering a selection of masks in a 2 styles and various designs and in two sizes via our online shop for purchases of below 100 masks, for orders above 100 masks you can contact us on.

This has all been a complicated process because like spas, some of our staff are on furlough, many fabric mills are closed, and testing must be done in specialist labs – that are all overwhelmed at present with work. We have sent our initial masks for filtration testing, to be able to give our customers some idea of a comparison to medical masks, which we will be publishing the results on our website as soon as we have them. 

We are now working on stage two of our product development:

  • We are testing various material options to find a good balance between breathability and penetration, so these masks can be as comfortable and protective as possible.
  • We are working on protocols for spas on how best to wear face masks, and how to make the experience positive and not foreboding. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss what protocols your spa or beauty salon is putting in place for reopening.
  • Based on the protocols, we will also publish a cost analysis in comparison with disposable masks, as we believe that we should not forget about sustainability, even at a time like this.  
  • Other products in the pipeline: wash bags for masks, so they can be stored safely during the day before being washed. Customer masks with aromatherapy filter options, as well as masks with unique and interesting prints for sale in spas. 
  • Attractive uniforms made from fabric with some viral protection. 

Like many suppliers whose business models are embedded on the spa industry, we wish to be part of the conversation as we emerge from the lockdown, to ensure businesses have the best chance to rebuild and start trading again. 

The Fashionizer Spa team wishes you good health, to stay safe and keep positive!

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Thursday, 22 October 2020