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2020 Wellness Trends Checklist


- by Juliet Wheater


Research from the Global Wellness Research Institute states that the global health and wellness industry is growing at an historic rate nearly twice as fast as the global economy. Now worth $4.2 trillion with 12.8% growth between 2015 and 2017 representing 5.3% of total global economic output. What at time to be in spa! 

Accelerating segments include personal care, beauty and anti-aging products (typically as younger consumers establish better regimens earlier and boomers are embracing longer life spans) as well as nutrition and weight loss.

Some predict that during 2020 and well into the new decade, beauty brands (accredited as early adopters of social media) will begin or continue to be more authentic, transparent and engaged with their consumer community. Perhaps as part of this demanding consumer community, the last decade brought real progress in the way that society views beauty. Makeup became more inclusive, with much less airbrushing within advertisements and further appreciation that one size does not fit all. 

Will your spa offer any of these beauty and wellness trends listed below? 

Crystal Nails 

Searches for “Swarovski crystal nails” are up 128% on Pinterest. They look particularly decadent as the sparkling crystals are delicately placed in a line along the cuticles or tips, often topped with metallic polish. Could this nail trend be the modern day equivalent to the ‘lipstick effect’, known as such, when consumers spend money on small indulgences during recessions and times of austerity. The Brexit effect? 

Blush Pink 

In somewhat of a contradiction, complexions for 2020 are much less dramatic as the trend for blush is now soft and fresh. Complexions are less bronzed and more light weight and dewy with baby pink blush swept gently for a natural look. 


The latest hair-colouring technique. "Twilighting" is a brunette shade with warm undertones, meaning the colour reflects golden hues. Expected to be popular, this low-maintenance colour, grows out seamlessly. It just gives a basic brown hair colour a touch more dimension. The look is achieved by painting a few balayage pieces in addition to foiled babylights.


These trends are underpinned by sustainability. A continued key factor for many brands not just in beauty but during 2020 more and more industries will be sourcing bioplastics, recycled plastics and ocean-recycled materials, in order to help reduce carbon footprints and emissions. Consumers are demanding this and the brands that don’t respond will ultimately be left behind.

One fantastic high street example is that The Body Shop now accept ALL cosmetic containers ... plastic, glass, shampoo bottles, tubes of makeup, no matter the brand, they will all go for recycling. 

Beauty and self-care also go hand in hand with the phenomena that is termed wellness, with the World Health Organization defining wellness as ''a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being not merely the absence of disease or infirmity''. Therefore, true wellness includes physical wellness, emotional wellness, intellectual wellness, social wellness, and occupational wellness. Balance in these five dimensions is indicative of wellness and one recently coined term for 2020 is that of Blue Mindfulness. 

Blue Mindfulness 

The book Blue Mind by Wallace J Nichols outlines how water-based activities can assist with physical and mental health. Blue Mindfulness refers to harnessing the power of water to soothe and calm us. 

Water gives us life and has been recognised for its therapeutic properties for centuries. It has the power of constant change; when cold, it crystalizes and freezes, when hot, it steams, when touched, it ripples. It makes up between 65% and 78% of our body (depending on age), comprising over 70% of our brain, heart, skin, muscles, kidneys, lungs, and liver. We are water in human form and activities such as wild swimming, surfing, sailing or simply walking along by a body of water can all help achieve a feeling of wellbeing. 

What does your spa offer guests? A swim in natural water, Flotation tank experiences, Aqua cycling? 

Air Quality 

As the levels of toxic air being registered in our towns and cities increase and the numbers of deaths which are attributed to air pollution grow, there is a clear change in mind-set with regard to delivering policies that offer quantifiable solutions across health, energy, urban design and transport. 65% of the public support a new clean air act (Friends of the Earth, 2017).

Consumers and corporates alike, continue to look at how products and items in our homes and offices, effect our wellbeing. Many more will seek to remove harmful chemicals from our everyday lives. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

It is understood that massage and particularly lymphatic drainage massage, buzz words for 2020, will see large growth.

A lymphatic drainage massage is a massage technique that uses very gentle pressure to stimulate the lymph nodes to drain excess fluid. The movements of the massage therapist allow for congestion to flow from the body. Although the lymph nodes are the body's biological filtration system, some believe that by manually applying pressure to areas around lymph nodes, their function, can be assisted. 

Interestingly studies show that lymphatic drainage massage techniques can be helpful for individuals with breast cancer. When those with cancer undergo surgery and/or radiation treatments, it can upset the structure of the lymph system, according to the American Cancer Society. This makes it difficult for the lymph system to do its job and can lead to a build up of lymph, called lymphedema. Done properly, daily lymphatic drainage massages can help reduce the amount of lymph fluid and provide relief for such individuals.

Lymphatic drainage can be helpful after a long flight, for those with sedentary jobs and for individuals who feel generally sluggish. An exciting add on treatment for any spa, as its many benefits also include, cellulite reduction, inch loss through reducing any water retention and the improvement of skin tone. 

Wellness Dentistry Network 

Wellness is extending and being recognised in dentistry also. Wellness Dentistry Network is a resource of materials for teams best practise and they say there is always a correlation between the health of our mouth and our body. An individual cannot have an unhealthy mouth and be well. It’s now understood, that with an imbalance of bacteria in the mouth, inflammation is likely with the possibility of an undiagnosed low grade chronic condition. Dentists can be frontline in the recognising of diseases early on. 

With wellness being more than a buzzword both on the corporate and home front, each of these predictions represent different aspects of how individuals are more focused than ever on their physical and mental health while managing stress and wanting to look and feel good. 

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