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If Google Trend searches are to be believed, we'll be looking increasingly towards technology and personal experiences to improve our physical and mental wellbeing for 2020 - a new year and new decade.

CBD Skincare: 367% increase in searches.

See our January 2020 Spa Voice edition for an informative article on this topic by UKSA members BB Lifestyle and Raised Spirit.

Sound Bath Healing: 285% increase in searches.

This increasingly popular practice involves 'bathing' in sounds that are often produced by crystal bowls or instruments tuned to specific frequencies. These frequencies are said to trigger particular areas in the brain, which help release tension. Away from the urban and industrial sounds of everyday life, we’ll be more attuned to music and singing as well as the sound of silence.

Trends show that chanting, drumming and dance will be embraced and this will open up more opportunities for musicians and artists to create healing music and sound. Sound bath healing will continue to be combined with meditation and yoga practices, as a natural home.

Virtual Wellness: 242% increase in searches.

Artificial intelligence will evolve to create personal AI wellness consultants that design programmes informed by vast data sources, including genetic, microbiome, biosensor, psychometric, geographical exposure and social-connection data.

Virtual reality will also move into the wellness world with virtual experiences and getaways to exotic locations, both real and imaginary. This in turn, will provide spas with the opportunity to create unique experiences and treatments based on guests’ personalised data and will challenge spas to adapt their wellness offerings.

Virtual Wellness looks set to become increasingly popular as searches in ‘remote wellness’ increase. There seems to be a move away from traditional studios or sessions, pointing to a growing desire to improve our wellbeing on the go, wherever we are.


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Breathing Apps: 219% increase in searches.

Studies have shown that practicing just 25 minutes of breathing techniques can calm the mind, improve cognitive function and boost energy levels. Used in app form, this practise reminder will be easier to commit to, within a busy lifestyle.

Wellness Retreats: 182% increase in searches.

From yoga and meditation to silent stays and ayurvedic practices, such trips have physical and mental wellbeing at their foundation and offer a wealth of different methods to have you thinking, feeling and behaving differently once home.

In a world where mobile phones are always present, we need a detox from our technology from time to time. Since the rise of social media and our increase in instant communication, the “digital detox” has become a popular way to disconnect and refocus. Escaping to a wellness retreat means an individual is not only escaping life’s everyday stresses but also your accessibility through your phone and any other digital devices.

Have these predictions got you thinking? What will you implement into your business during 2020?

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Wednesday, 30 September 2020