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By Hannah CharlesworthBeing a final year student at The University of Derby on the International Spa Management degree, it  has allowed me to reflect on the perceptions the spa industry has, from those on the outside looking in. The stereotypes surrounding the job ‘spa therapist’ still leaves me at my wits end three years later when I’m l
By Margaret Wood Margaret Mead, the American anthropologist said, "There is no greater power in the world than the zest of a post-menopausal woman." It is a time when women are not concerned abou
By Sally Halstead, Dip.H.E What does Success mean to you?Success can be defined as “the accomplishment of an aim” however it is subjective and its’ meaning depends upon many individual factors. M
by Fashionizer There is no doubt that this pandemic has forever changed the world, and this is especially true for all of us working in the spa and wellness industry. Although we all believe the
ukactive has today (23 April) revealed plans for a four-stage strategy to support the reopening of the physical activity sector safely, once the Government eases Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in the
During these unprecedented times of social distancing (some say physical distancing) and self-isolation, our spa clients are at home with many wearing less makeup than they usually do. With a plethora
- By Helena Grzesk  The announcements on 20th March, that our spas must close the doors to their guests and to their teams sent shock waves through our industry, as it did so many other
- by Emma Clayton So you’ve got a terrific venue, you’ve got some great treatments and facilities - but what exactly does a graphic designer do, and why do you need one? As a professional graphic
- By Hannah Charlesworth  After a turbulent 2019 (and currently!) conversations surrounding the future of our planet have never felt more necessary. With the rise of young environmental