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Scrummi - Journey To B-Corp Certification


Journey To Certification

At Scrummi, our mission to liberate the planet from laundry is deep-rooted in a desire to protect and improve the earth. We believe in solving problems, not just for our customers but for the industry as a whole. Our journey to become a B-Corp was started not simply because of the prestige that comes along with such an acclaimed accreditation, but because we wanted to be better as a business and support the B-Corp movement.

As a B-Corp, our performance as an organisation is assessed over five key areas: governance, environment, customers, community and workers. The process of going through the certification is a revealing one, it gives you the ability to really analyse the impact your business is having from very different perspectives. This way of thinking has encouraged us to make holistic changes that further connect to our overall purpose as an organisation witha sustainable ethos.

‘Undergoing the B-Corp audit is a rigorous process that involved an enormous team effort from every area of the business to achieve. People may think it is a one-off process, however it’s an ongoing evolution as you are assessed every three years. The mindset that this is a longstanding and fundamental part of our business is crucial. We are still learning a lot about ourselves throughout this journey, and it has deepened our resolve to be a force for good and lead positive change. Sustainability for us is about transparency and playing a part in shaping a different solution for our industry. In creating a world that doesn’t involve
laundry, excessive energy consumption and water waste.’ Rob Cooper, Managing Director


Our First Year

The B-Corp community is a powerful one and we have access to a fantastic range of resources to support our business. Now that we are almost a year into our B-Corp journey, we are looking to how we can continuously improve ahead of the next re-certification. We have formed a dedicated B-Corp Team who meet regularly to review our progress and assess how we can continue to make strides forward. This team contains representatives from all areas of the business, as being a B-Corp is a true collaborative effort from every department.

Working to these stringent standards means we are aiming to not just meet the B-Corp requirements but exceed expectations across our products, packaging and customer experience. The credibility of the B-Corp status means we are witnessing more of our spa partners making the choice to work with B-Corp certified brands, as Melissa Evans National Spa Manager at GLL states:

"More recently sustainability & ethical business has greatly influenced our decision-making at GLL. Being a social enterprise we are looking to work with suppliers who align with our values - Looking at people, planet & profit. This is why we work with multiple B-Corp companies including Scrummi & Comfort Zone, as we know that B-Corp covers these values as part of the accreditation and ongoing improvement process. Our clients have shown an interest in what the impact is of the products we use, so we have had positive feedback when we are able to tell them about Scrummi being a B-Corp and what that means."





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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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