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Montcalm East embraces Equali-Tea




Diversity and Inclusion is a vital focus for Montcalm this year and they have shard with us are some initiatives that they are doing and aiming to implement going forward into this year.

  • Pride month with weekly comms
  • Equali-Tea with ‘Love is love’ short movie, quiz and Pride props (the labels we carry should only be ‘Love, kindness, acceptance and care’)
  • Promote woman in leadership roles and leadership development
  • EDI&B survey
  • Managers & CC training to drive awareness and what behaviours to mirror to eradicate bias & prevent non-inclusion culture
  • Form communities with in the business as support groups
  • Currently using a tool to remove ‘gender identifiable words’ from our talent attraction job ads
  • Celebration and sign posting of multi-cultural events, food, norms & rituals

Below is a more wider approach and journey that Montcalm East are implementing with relevant activities.




1. SCOPING - Conduct a current state assessment

  • Create a DEI strategy with CC team.
  • Gather organizational data to uncover DEI gaps and challenges.
  • Conduct focus groups with CC to uncover the employee experience.
  • Review the organization’s broader strategic goals and priorities.
  • Gather external data to understand the broader DEI landscape.

2. DIAGNOSTIC - Determine the purpose of DEI

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis.
  • Complete the DEI diagnostic.
  • Define the overarching purpose for DEI.
  • Determine strategic pillars.
  • Identify goals and metrics.

3. DELIVERY - Determine the governance model and select DEI initiatives

  • Clarify roles and accountabilities for each component of the governance model.
  • Examine the employee lifecycle from a DEI lens.
  • Select and customize DEI initiatives to implement.

4.  ACCOUNTABILITY  - Plan to lauynch the DEI Strategy

  • Identify clear DEI responsibilities across the organization.
  • Develop a clear action plan for launching the DEI strategy.
  • Embed the DEI strategy in the organizational EVP and brand.
  • Determine a communication plan for the DEI strategy.



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Sam Marshall on Monday, 19 June 2023 18:37

This article made my day! What an amazing, forward thinking spa! Thank you for sharing

This article made my day! What an amazing, forward thinking spa! Thank you for sharing
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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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