Day 7:  Flexibility in the Workplace

We sat down with Paolo Della Fina at London Serenity to ask about casual recruitment in the Spa Industry.

Can you outline your company, what it does and your role within it?

London Serenity offers ad-hoc last minute therapists to 5* spas, hotels, office and private residents. We offer outstanding therapists to discerning guests. Beside owning the Company, I have a very active role, still dealing directly with clients and staff. My days varies from day to day, from admin, to business development, to LQA standard training, marketing, HR and so many other roles.

What’s the current demand for therapists in the spa industry and how do you see the future growth? 

The current demand, forgive my bluntness, is insane. Everyone needs good therapists, in any location we work in.

What kind of spa businesses do you work with? 

We specialise in 5* and wealthy clients.

What are spa operators currently looking for in a therapist? 

The want good skills and great personalities. They want therapists to have an eye for details and be caring. Also being open to do what’s needed in the place is a great advantage.

How can a therapist ‘stand out from the crowd’ and maximise their employability? 

Like I said before, a therapists who is not “shy” of doing what’s needed has an advantage over others. Spas are a place where you do treatments, as well as tidying up or re-stocking. Ay spa is a team and they like to count on one another. Skills you can mostly teach/learn, but attitude, you either have it or not.

What hourly rates can a therapist expect to be paid based on skills and experience?  

This depends on each spa/location. The rate ranges between £12-£70/h. It depends on location, experience, treatment, model of business. Some of our therapists reached over £5k/monthly. I would say that anything between £1,500 to £3,000 is a good average.

Do you sign up newly qualified therapists? 

We tend not to, because of our environment. Our clients expect someone already experienced, most of the times. Having said this, some therapists stand out even in college, so no one should hold back and should apply to wherever they would like to work.

What are the benefits of therapists working for a company such as yours? 

There are so many benefits. The biggest is flexibility, as they work when it suits them. Also the pay rate is always much higher than any spa or salon. Also they get to work in fancy places all the times, and always in different ones, often meeting celebrities or people they would not meet in “normal” life.

What advice would you give a new therapist who is currently looking for their first role? 

I would say to always give more than they think is their limit, in time, energy and commitment. In the short run they will reap some fruits, in the long run they will go far. 

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