Listen in to why salt is one of the fastest growing wellness trends.  Not only is it antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and 100% natural, it is a touchless treatment with respiratory and immune boosting benefits, something which we could all do with at the moment.   With a moderate initial investment, the potential return is significant. Spas can also think beyond the traditional space and consider offering yoga/pilates or meditation classes within their salt rooms.

Adam Chatterly

Erin Lee,

Projects Director, Dröm UK Ltd


Erin has a wealth of knowledge in the construction and wellness arena, with the past 10 years specifically designing and installing bespoke luxury heat experiences for Dröm UK.

Erin has and continues to work closely with architects and interior designers such as SHH, 1508, Studio Indigo, Squire & Partners, Lees Associates, Oro Bianco, Staffan Tollgard, Theis & Khan and Adam Architecture to name but a few. Her experience includes designer and project director, overseeing everything from conception through to completion. Clients have included: Pennyhill Park, Four Seasons, One Hyde Park, Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Cloud 12 and Wentworth Golf Club and numerous properties within the exclusive Wentworth Estate.

Erin has continued to extend her passion for providing health and wellness facilities through Halotherapy and recently founded the UK Halotherapy Network.

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My New Spa Experience

The wellness industry is adjusting to the new rules and coming up with new ideas on how to enjoy our spas. There is something about human beings and their ability to constantly adapt. Even in our small world of spas we can see that.

We used to imagine a spa day such as: water, sauna, steam room, massage and perhaps a comforting facial, all accompanied by the touch of some wonderful therapist. Not anymore. Touch-Free treatments are becoming an integral part of many spa offerings. The advent of a pandemic changed the people’s approach to a spa day. The smell of fresh towels may now be accompanied by the sound of a Tech-Treatment.

Elemis has introduced a No-Touch Facial Powered by Biotec, a brand-new experience. The company has produced the new Elemis 7 in 1 Light Energy Face Mask. It uses seven light therapies intensified by infra-red. The product is a non-invasive light therapy used to boost skin activity and this touchless treatment, claims to deliver transformative results whilst providing peace of mind that the facial is being delivered with the utmost consideration for hygiene and safety standards. As Noella Gabriel, Elemis Co-Founder and President, says: “The No-Touch Facial stays true to the Elemis treatment experience, a personally-prescribed facial which meets the individual needs of the skin”.

The idea is that less human contact may be the future, at least for some people. Therefore, some wellness venues have adapted by focusing on treatments with very little intermediation. Some include technology-enhanced offerings such as: cryotherapy machines, float tanks and infrared saunas to mention a few. Another example Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has chosen Hyperice, a recovery and performance technology brand specialising in vibration, compression and percussion devices, to create a menu of Hyperice Contactless Treatments. All treatments can be tailored to each individual client’s needs.

Some brands have gone down the educating route, providing clients with self-treatments. Uxua Vida for example created a new skin treatment. Instead of the products being applied by a therapist, they are set up for you in a private treatment suite or even your own accommodation and can be self-applied or applied by a partner. Aromatherapy Associates boast touchless Well-Being treatments. They are currently available to guests staying at the company’s partner properties, targeted at helping those who may be uneasy about visiting the spa, to enjoy the luxury of a treatment, in their own space. The treatment kits include up to five products, pre-recorded walkthroughs and a well-being guide, all of which allow guests to administer the service in their hotel rooms and further the treatment at home. "This takes the spa to the next level," says Anna Teal, CEO of Aromatherapy Associates. "Bringing our knowledge and treatments into the digital arena offers significant added value to your consumers and also to the spa's revenue stream.”

Spas have also invested in Tech-machines to further compete in the new market. The Global Wellness Institute’s Hydrothermal Initiative has released a white paper on the Opportunities & Benefits of automated, dry Hydromassage. The paper author, Dr Bremser, said that it has been proven in clinical studies that it can successfully treat issues like sciatica, chronic low-back pain, and pinched nerves, etc. “Dry hydromassage systems not only deliver high-quality hygienic treatments that are touchless and require minimal staff time, but they can also be customized for personalized wellness experiences,”.

Durelle Manufactory has created the Touchless Massage. Touchless Massage suggests all the benefits of a deep tissue therapy. The client lies, fully clothed, in the comforting support of a bed of heated water, high-pressure therapy jets relieve soreness and stiffness and provides a deep-penetrating body therapy, resulting in a relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated experience.

Spa and Wellness innovator Sammy Ghalieni reveals how his on-trend products are perfect for delivering high-value touchless treatments. According to Ghalieni, touchless technology reduces service time, so several clients can be served by one therapist at once. His idea that a spa visit, as a holistic wellness experience, won’t have many differences in service between a hands-on treatment and a touchless treatment, guests can still be pampered and enjoy their spa time, it’s just the treatment that’s different. The Gharieni Spa.Wave is a computer-controlled acoustic and vibrational therapy that trains the brain to relax and benefit from deep relaxation techniques. Using specific vibrations and binaural audio frequencies, the Spa.Wave System makes it possible, for even the most active minds, to achieve deep levels of relaxation in a single therapy session while lying on a heated water cushion. After a treatment the client feels relaxed and the body clock is adjusted.

Finally, some spas have re-introduced treatments like Reiki or Aromatherapy experiences, sound therapy or sound baths, whilst other have innovated to even Aura massage.

In the post-pandemic times, we find ourselves with many more options than we had a few months ago. Whether you prefer sounds, smell, water, heat, led or touch, your options are now wider and more complexed. I feel a trip to a spa today will be an even more holistic visit than it has ever been, taking your body, mind and even soul to a deeper level.

By Paolo Andrea Dalla Fina

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