The spas that have sold the most packages in previous National Spa Weeks are the ones that go over and above in promoting what they are doing as part of the week in their local area.

Below we have listed some of the things that other spas have done to promote their involvement.

  • Displaying posters in local shops and amenities (such as libraries, gyms etc) that the spa is running special offers for NSW.
  • Handing out promotional flyers or vouchers to existing clients to give to friends
  • Running a charity event and getting local press to come down and report on it
  • Invite a meditation or wellness expert and run a special ‘wellness’ event or talk to showcase what your spa has to offer (and promote your special packages through this event)

Whatever you do, use National Spa Week as the basis of all your Q4 activity in your 2018 promotional calendar. That’s one less thing to have to worry about this year!

To help you we have provided a number of NSW branded materials to help you promote yourself during the week.

  • NSW Posters (editable)
  • Empty Belly Poster Templates
  • Flyers
  • Promotional vouchers
  • Tell a Friend vouchers
  • E-shot templates
  • Press Release templates (for use if you want to promote what you are doing to celebrate the week in your own local free newspaper)
  • Event ideas
  • Promotion ideas
  • Fundraising ideas
  • Social Media Header
  • Logo - Proud Supporter of National Spa Week 


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