With the UK spa industry benefiting from steady year on year growth, you will recognise that your role as a Spa/Salon Director/Manager/Operator is more demanding than ever before. 
Pushing boundaries, stretching budgets and creating even more revenue from the same space you did in the previous year are just some of the challenges that you now face on a daily basis. 
Lisa Barden, previously the GM of UKSA commissioned a piece of research to help understand what you, the operators, need from your trade association. 
Feedback revealed that you wanted a regionally based support network for Operators, Managers & Owners alike. You didn't want to feel at ‘war’ with your neighbouring salons and spas but wanted a neutral place to share common challenges, operational issues and also best practice. So in March 2015 the UK Spa Association launched an inaugural Spa Director Assembly at the Mandarin Oriental in London. 
Since then on a bi-monthly basis we have held nine additional Assemblies, both in the North and the South, each even more popular than the last, and each managed within a strict two hour slot so as to minimise time away from each operation. The first hour of the Assembly is given over to industry updates and UKSA matters with the second hour touring the salon/spa and facilities. 
It doesn’t matter the size of your facility  or whether it’s a five star 20 room hotel spa or a three room high street salon, all Operators,Managers and Owners of Spas or Salons are welcome to join this supportive group of industry professionals ready to share their experiences with you. 
A key benefit of your UKSA membership. Simply contact Lisa Barden or Helena Grzesk to register your attendance for the next Assembly.


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