Global Wellness Day

We all want to be healthy, look good, and live under good physical and mental conditions.

Living well is practically the whole world’s common dream… So if this is how we all feel, why not have a special day dedicated to this common dream? We’ve honoured almost everything which is important to us with a special day, so why isn’t there a global day to honor the universally accepted importance of living well?We are proud to say that for the past three years, we can answer this question by saying “it now exists”. Every year, on the second Saturday of June, we celebrate this special day as Global Wellness Day.Global Wellness Day is an entirely not-for-profit day, a social project created by volunteers dedicated to living well. The fundamental purpose of the day is to make us aware of the value of our lives… Even if it’s for just one day of the year, to make us stop and think, to get away from the stress of city living and our bad habits, and thereby find peace within ourselves…

The most common disease throughout the world... the greatest danger facing mankind... Don’t think that we are talking about a new virus when you hear these descriptions. The name of the most common illness on earth is depression. Also known as GWD Leapingunhappiness.  Unhappiness is not a simple problem. Unhappiness means sleep problems, stress, poor nutrition, inactivity, obesity and heart disease. If you think that scientists will solve this problem that looks like a dark cloud over our future, then think again. Because the solution is in your hands. The solution is in the spa and wellness industry itself. Millions of people need an inspiring beginning. And the name of that beginning is Global Wellness Day. Global Wellness Day is a journey of self-discovery where you will find you can change every day of your life.We need a Global Wellness Day in order to teach people all over the world that all that they need to be happy is within themselves, in order to build a healthier future. Not tomorrow, not at some point in the future, but right now!

Global Wellness Day, which brings together exercise, healthy eating and inner health is a social movement that will raise awareness of living well throughout the world. It is a step that can ignite the flame of happiness burning throughout the world. It is a special opportunity to bring together the wellness world in an inspiring mission.  The healthy living focused movement was started three years ago by Richmond Nua, Turkey’s first and only destination spa. Richmond Nua named the entirely not-for-profit event which took place at Sapanca as Wellness Day.GWD Group Photo Frame It is now the first officially branded day in the world dedicated to wellness.  Born in Turkey, Wellness Day achieved a strong international reputation in a short period of time thanks to Richmond Nua’s intellectual and operational investments. Many wellness industry professionals from throughout the world declared that they would like to be part of Wellness Day and to bring this special day to their home countries. Therefore we added the word “Global” to the title of Wellness Day.

Destination, medical, resort, city or day spa... Health technology and products, sports activities, nutrition, yoga or detox... If you are a professional manager or business owner who works in any sector of the wellness industry, then you too can be a brand ambassador for Global Wellness Day.  If you would like to celebrate the next Global Wellness Day on Saturday 11 June, 2016 in your city, and hold an event which is open to the public at your spa or hotel, you can contact the Global Wellness Day committee, and by fulfilling the appropriate conditions, you too can be a part of this special day.  


All hotels or tourism businesses which have an on-site spa and wellness area in compliance with international standards can organize a Global Wellness Day event.
• Global Wellness Day will be held on Saturday 11 June, 2016. Therefore, participants are required to adhere to this date.
• Global Wellness Day does not charge any fee for this application.GWD Balloons
• The event which is organized must be free of charge and open to the public as a prerequisite for the application.
• The hotels which host the Global Wellness Day programs must organize workshops and panels which include the topics of exercise, healthy diet and beauty care.
• Following the fulfilment of these basic requirements, content can be tailored to fit the geographic location of the hotel.

• The host hotel may take advantage of sponsorship opportunities in order to meet operational costs.
• However, sponsorship revenues cannot exceed the expenses of the day. Therefore, Global Wellness Day cannot become a commercial event in which revenues are gained.
• All materials used for the Global Wellness Day event must meet the corporate identity standards and guidelines.

• The participants list for the event should consist of the hotel's guests who are staying at the hotel on that date, special guests, media representatives, industry opinion leaders and international guests. Political figures should be excluded from the list. Global Wellness Day is not a political event.
• The day should be open to the public and free of charge.

To download a copy of the Corporate Conditions of Participation please click here