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Industry Needs

uksa july 10

In this time of industry crisis every spa/salon and mobile company are vying for staff and we are now in a unique position where for once the therapist has the upper hand in the industry.

Therapists are able to choose the pick of several roles being offered by multiple brands and companies , for employers you are fighting for the best staff but are nervous that they will not stay or that they will be poached or lured away by better pay/benefits etc.

The industry needs to change the approach to staff investment in a big way otherwise there will be no therapists to fill the hundreds of roles still vacant, so what can you do?

Traditionally college’s leavers/graduates were shunned deemed not good enough to provide the necessary service and skill to the employer or client therefore being a hassle and actually costing a company money instead of making it - but really what is the cost of that now?

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Keeping Our Industry Spa Therapists Healthy - The Commission Model

uksa july 9

It’s strange how things work out. I have been qualified for 20 years in Beauty Therapy and also hold a degree in teaching, but I can honestly say every experience I have had throughout my career has brought me to the point that I am at now; owner of two spas with very different, yet complementary business models.

Anyone who has worked within the spa industry for a long time knows that recruitment is the one thing that presents the most challenges.  So when I started both my businesses last year I knew that, especially for spa businesses, I would have to think carefully about how to manage the situation.

However, the thing that I lacked most was time …..A common story I know!

My therapy business in Hayle had been up and running for just eight weeks when we were approached to look after the management of the treatment rooms at Una resort. I had done all the ground work setting up one business so felt that by simply mirroring what we had already done we could achieve the management of both.

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National Spa Weeks & Lumity Life: A match made in heaven


uksa july 3

You don’t have to go far to discover that our modern lives are now busier and more stressful than ever. With so much going on in everyone’s everyday lives, it’s key to remember, there’s always time to relax. That’s why National Spa Week is so important and our key sponsors, and Lumity Life agree., our official spa partner and Lumity Life, our official product partner have teamed up to ensure that the UK takes a moment to relax and unwind. Of course, with their spa retreats relaxation packages, this is something that have been doing for a while. We’re here today to talk about the benefits of our product partner, Lumity.

Lumity all started when its founders noticed the all-too-familiar signs of stress and fatigue both inside and outside. They began to think more deeply about just what it is the body needs to grow older and wiser whilst still staying youthful and energetic.

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WSAW Trade Associations


How can spas get involved with industry associations and why is it something they should consider? What are the main benefits, for their business and for the industry? 

Trade Associations are non-profit organisations that unite small, private and independent industry competitors together, making many little voices into one big ‘shout’.

Trade Associations are trusted and central to an industry and uniquely able to provide a wide range of information and services to the industry that individual and often competing business could not or would not do, including collecting sensitive information for statistic or benchmarking reports or implementing codes of conduct.

Made up of representatives from private business with extensive knowledge of their shared industry, Trade Associations communicate a collective view to a range of interested stakeholders including government departments, agencies, regulators, media and other key opinion formers. They know the issues moving up the agenda of the policy makers early enough to take a communal stand should national, regional or local legislation threaten to harm small businesses. Equally, they can also help identify any emerging issues and develop solutions to problems.

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The Secrets of Client Attraction


Press Article

Guild News

March 2018

Adam Chatterley, on behalf of the UK Spa Association, writes about his four secrets to getting ALL the clients you'll ever need!

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