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As it is coming up to September Schools, Colleges and Universities are ready to begin the next academic year; our thoughts turn to what new qualifications can we gain or upskilling of qualifications t
Recruiting skilled therapists trained to the standards required to cover at least 90% of the treatments advertised on your Spa menu is difficult today. Have you ever hired a member of staff and not ha
Max Laurence-Gutteridge reflects on his passion for the spa and wellness industry and the journey that led him to create Wellness Collective Events. Throughout my childhood I always wanted to be
One of the best things we can do for our team is work on keeping things motivating and fun. Everyone loves to know how they are performing, so it’s important to have brief regular (fortnightly tends w
Oh yay! It’s summer and yes, it’s oh so hot! Summer is funtime as we get to play outdoors, take a vacation, dig our toes into the sand and enjoy the coolness of a pool, pond or river. With British sum
                      What made you want to work in the industry? What route did you take in? Strange as it may seem, from being very young I alw
  Have you ever thought about using apprenticeships to train and upskill your staff? Why are apprenticeships important? An apprenticeship is an excellent alternative to traditional training. It n
Over the past 10 years the spa industry has changed, and so too has our collective attitude towards health and wellbeing.  In 2018, health is as fashionable as the Kardashians, and with that expo

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