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Why is National Spa Week so important for our Industry?


If we want our industry to grow it is imperative that we make the public understand the many benefits of regular spa attendance. It is easy when you work in the industry, living and breathing your area of expertise, to assume that everyone magically knows the benefits too. That’s why everyone is coming to spas already right?


To date, only 5% of the UK regularly have spa treatments. That’s not to say more people aren’t occasionally visiting a spa, as a treat or for a special occasion but the operative word here is ‘REGULARLY’.

You wouldn’t go to a gym for a one-hour workout, only twice a year and expect to be two stone lighter with a beautifully toned body (we wish). In the same way, your clients can’t expect to receive long lasting benefits from visiting a spa only twice a year.

So it is up to YOU and US to remind the public why regular spa attendance is as important as regular gym attendance. And THAT is why National Spa Week exists.

Here Beata Aleksandrowicz, founder of Pure Massage Spa Training MethodÒ explains the benefits of touch therapy for depression (a common ailment of our time). You might want to drop these insights into conversation with your not so regular clients next time they visit.

“Massage can make a big change for people who suffer from depression. Physiologically it will balance the hormonal system which is most important, as often the stress hormone cortisol is very high and it's proven that massage can reduce the level of cortisol to up 50%. It will also boost serotonin (the happy hormone) to bring the body to its natural state of balance.

With depression, the posture changes and the skeletal and muscular system tries to compensate. Massage helps the body to relax and releases muscular tension. Massage will help to increase breathing, oxygenating the body and supplying vital nutrients. It helps to stimulate the body which is often in a stagnant state.

The human touch aspect of massage is often overlooked and under-valued. As depression sometimes occurs as a result of feeling alienated, separated and lonely, massage helps to heal with the power of touch. Many people struggle in life with carrying "too much", massage provides this basic element of touch and with this comes compassion, understanding and connection. 

The type of massage required should be discussed individually with client and therapist. Some may need stimulation and awakening. Others feeling emotional pain may need cocooning and gentle touch therapy to help ease this.

In both cases, however, the therapist must be wholly aware of the situation. They must be present in the moment to help their client who is going through an extremely difficult challenging phase. Only this way can the treatment truly personalised to meet the needs of the client. 

In terms of enhancing the treatment results, a blend of bergamot and lavender is recommended both in a massage oil and to diffuse in the room. During the day bergamot will stimulate and enhance the mood whilst lavender will soothe and relax at night. 

About Beata

Beata Aleksandrowicz is an expert on massage and the creator of the Pure Massage Spa Training Method® which provides spas worldwide with advanced training in a modern concept of massage. Beata is a powerful advocate for educating people about the importance of touch, massage and spiritual growth.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018
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