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Why Be A Member of the UK Spa Association?


You are a spa manager.

You juggle the daily responsibilites of managing a booking system, therapist rotas, spa set up, financial reporting and administration, marketing and sales strategies, training and recruitment, memberships, developing new treatments... all the while trying to deliver the ideal guest experience AND grow your business, and yet nobody actually knows what you do!

Sound familiar?

Our spa operator members tell us it’s because of these very challenges that they join the UK Spa Association (UKSA).

We’ve even been described as ‘the real life google’ of the spa world....answering your business questions 24/7 confidentially over the phone or face to face at exclusive networking workshops.

So what  are we about and why do our members join us?

The following four areas have been voted as the top most valuable to our members. We do a lot more but we know you don’t have time to read reams and reams about our work. So for now we’ll keep it simple.

  1. The Spa Line

Our Spa Line is a 24/7 confidential help line that is there to help you with any kind of query you may have. We have helped hundreds of spa managers with everything from recommending a towel supplier, to dealing with employee culture and recruitment issues, to creating marketing plans, to dealing with difficult clients. Because we have access to such a wide network of other spa managers who’ve “been there and done that” we will find the answer to your questions or put you in touch with someone who can help. Best of all you don’t have to feel worry  about asking a question that you might feel embarrassed asking your boss about – because we’ve all been there and everything is kept confidential.

  1. Networking Events

The hugely popular bi-annual networking events give you a face to face opportunity to meet other like minded spa managers,  and are always held at one of our members venues, so that you get a behind the scenes peek into what others in the industry are doing.  They also include guest speakers or seminars on specific subjects. And if you want something even more specific we offer several Spa Directors Assemblies throughout the year. Again held at a members venue, these two hour sessions are run as intimate workshops to discuss specific topics and brainstorm ideas and solutions for the benefit of all attending.

  1. Benchmarking

You’ll be familiar with providing management reports about your monthly targets and performance KPI’s but what does it mean in relation to your competitors down the road? Are you performing better or worse than them in terms of number of clients or hours treatment rooms are utilised...what salaries are they paying their therapists and what hours do they contract them to?.............and if you had this information would it give you leverage to change the way you do things?

We offer a comprehensive and confidential Benchmarking report scheme that takes the information that you and your peers in the indstry provide to us on various areas such as number of treatments per week, retail sales, etc etc which we give you each month so you can compare your performance to those of your competitors eithers regionally or nationally. This information is invaluable to our existing members – would it be of value to you in your business too?

  1. Campaigning

Finally our other big commitment to our members is to raise awareness among consumers of the value of spas and salon treatments to help improve the UK’s mental and physical health. We want to change the culture of the UK to be more like that of our European neighbours, where spending time in the spa and having treatments is a very social activity and part of the cultural norm. We want to drive more consumers into more spas and salons more often. Brilliant idea for your business wouldn’t you say? So through various campaigns such as our annual National Spa Week we will make this change, and by doing so also facilitate much needed  conversations within our industry around subjects such as the vocation of a therapist,  better therapist training and real life work readiness, and the on-going standards in the industry in general.

Chances are if you are reading this then you are already a member of the UKSA – but if you know of anyone who hasn’t already joined – why not ping this article over to them so that they too can benefit from what the UKSA has to offer.

Naomi Chatterley

The Retail Experience


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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

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