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What makes a great massage? With Beata Aleksandrowicz

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A great massage should offer much more than physical relief and relaxation. Delivered with knowledge, humanity, professionalism and commitment, a client should feel cared for. They should also feel a positive change that addresses their concerns. A good massage should make your client feel more positive, at peace and connected with themselves. There should also be clear guidance on how to support the results of the treatment at home. 

To deliver a good massage we must acknowledge the healing power of touch 

Touch is the mother of all senses, and is the first sense that develops in the embryo. It’s how we learn about the world around us and gives us the deepest connection with another human being. It brings comfort, reassures us that we are not alone, provides warmth, care and attention. 

In today’s disconnected world we avoid touch because we don’t have the emotional understanding of how to respond to it. People don’t know how to handle intimacy either – even simple hug can become a problem. This is why touch can be misunderstood and misused. Positive touch is a condition of physical and emotional growth and I believe massage plays a vital role in restoring this balance. 

Personalisation is essential 

As massage therapists, we must acknowledge the uniqueness of every client, their different needs and expectations. Creating a bond with your client and having a deep understanding of why he/she is visiting you can be vital in delivering an effective massage. 

In this perspective, personalised massage represents the ultimate massage. Anyone can benefit from a tailor-made massage, but this is especially good for those who suffer from stress, fatigue and chronic pain or athletes recovering from training or sporting events. The therapist addresses every and each need of the client, following the rhythms of his/her unique body and creating a powerful healing experience. 

The delivery of such a massage challenges both the skills and the awareness of the therapist. Selecting the most suitable techniques and focusing on the areas that need the most attention require a deep knowledge of the body and treatment expertise. 

Decision making plays a big role in this targeted body treatment and only highly skilled therapists are equipped with the required knowledge to ensure that each client gets the most out of his/her bespoke massage. 

Too often spas lack skilful and knowledgeable staff and the client is missing out on the huge benefits of a good massage. Only with continuous excellent training, spas can rely on expert staff and showcase the wow factor.


Beata Aleksandrowicz is an expert on massage and a passionate advocate of the power of touch, the importance of human connections and spiritual growth. The founder of the Pure Massage Spa Training Method®, she teaches massage in destinations around the world from The Maldives to the Cotswolds. A published author, she travelled through Africa working with Kalahari Bushmen and is contributing to the Mental Wellness Initiative for The Global Wellness Institute.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018
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