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What do Learners really think about working in our industry?

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For a number of years, I have been a business volunteer for Working Knowledge employer engagement specialist, who work with students in colleges while across many subject areas to bridge the gap between education and the workplace.

In my time of volunteering for our industry with Beauty and Spa learners studying, the thing that really struck me is how little they seem to understand the many pathways that are available to them, I am not saying this is at every centre that offer's training, however, I seem overall to receive the same kind of questions and feedback.

When discussed with groups about the many prestigious spas and salons they could apply for work, the response back is “OH we could never go there, that is for the high-end therapist, and lots of rich people, they would never employ me". It came across in my opinion that they appear to have a narrow view of some areas of employment in our industry and some of the best, lack courage to really go for that career building Job because they feel it is beyond them.

Dylan McTaggart Vice-Principal (

“The positive impact of this programme is incredible. We have seen profound changes in the motivation of students as a direct result of the input by employers. It is a fantastic opportunity to bring the curriculum to life in a way that raises aspirations of students while better preparing them to make a positive impact in the workplace”.

Is it not time that we begin to up the time we spend in engagement with students, we all know it it’s very difficult to find the therapist we require and this could be a great way of seeing who is the diamond that is on the way to be qualified and could you not invite them for a short work experience, "ahh I hear you say" but time is money and they won't be able to treat clients", however, remember the skills we do automatically without thinking, how to answer the phone, book and  rebook appointments, spending some time with you receptionist, learning your establishments procedures for welcoming  and leaving clients, how is stock renewed in rooms and shop floor, opening and closing procedures, experiencing how your therapist communicate and retail with your clients,  learning customer service skills for five star clients, just to name a few areas.

It would be of great benefits for the emerging therapist to have a visit at their colleges and training centres offering a talk about your business, a day in the life of a therapist and what you would be expecting from a therapist employed in your business. Or even a few hours or day trip to the spa or salon where they could talk with the therapist that works for you to see that its completely fine and is an amazing opportunity.

In my opinion, I have seen some amazing spa and salon therapist, you understand the ones you see and think that person is the future of management, this could be one of the steps to finding your perfect therapist one you can help develop to be the future of our industry.

Students Comments (

  • "Today was the first time I have had the chance to actually talk to someone doing the career I am interested in. I have learned so much! There are jobs I could do which I had no idea about before! I know I am doing the right course in college now and I will work harder to achieve my goals." Student Aisha
  • “Working with employers helps us to learn from their experience and gives us an insight into how the industry works. These presentations help in boosting our confidence and becoming better team workers.” Student Mauro.

Kim Ford, Board Member of the UK Spa Association

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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

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