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Stock Control Tips with Emma Williams

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Always having the right levels of stock in your salon or spa is essential for you to deliver treatments and services and to be able to recommend the best homecare for your clients. 

But how do you know what products to carry and more importantly, how many? You don’t want to risk holding too many products that you rarely use or sell and equally, you don’t want to risk running out of a product you need for a treatment or service, or losing a sale because you have sold out. 

Creating a simple and effective stock counting system means you always have the right levels of stock at the right time and will deliver numerous benefits to your business. If you want to achieve maximum profits on your treatments, services and retail sales, increase your retail sales, minimise wastage, stop tying up your cash in an excessive stock holding and save time, read on! 

These easy steps will help you record and monitor your stock quickly and efficiently and provide accurate data for weekly, monthly or quarterly stock counts. But before you start, spend a little time planning your stock counting system to make the whole process easy to follow and quick to complete. 

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