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New Year is the perfect time to get in gear and refocus for a strong 2018


It’s a New Year and a great time to refocus and regroup. One thing we are learning more and more is that the mind-set is very powerful in helping us achieve and deliver. It gives us confidence and motivation when we take the time out to tap into our mind on various areas of our life, and in turn gives us a strong chance at any desired results. New Year’s resolutions are a great way of doing this generally. New Year gives us the feeling of a new chapter and is the perfect time to look at personal, business goals and performance, then plan ahead for the New Year.

So, take a look at reports. Here are a few to get you thinking and planning:

  • How has the business been performing?
  • What did you achieve in relation to the previous year?
  • What were the most popular treatments?
  • What was your average spend per client/hour/room?
  • Who are your key team members?
  • What is your retail performance like?


Reflecting over these results means we can take a look at any areas that may need training for the team. It also shows us our most popular types of treatments and where we can focus in the New Year – are our most popular treatments one of the top on profits for the business?

I always find it’s also a great time to really think about the business and brainstorm the direction you’re going in and if you’re daily processes live up to that vision and goal.

  • What are the core values and vision of your business?
  • Are the team, marketing, and processes in line with the vision and values?


Now is a good time to grab the 2018 calendar and plan out all the events for the upcoming year and jot down anything you learnt this year that you could improve on for the following year. 

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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

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