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Knightsbridge-based facialist Linda Meredith

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Many premium clients are already familiar with the Linda Meredith brand, which is found at numerous 5 Star spas across the world, including the Mandarin Oriental in London, Barcelona and Boston, as well as Chewton Glen here in the UK. The brand has also recently launched on Virgin Atlantic Airlines and the Oceania and Seabourn Luxury cruise liners. Others will know the name because of Linda's roster of very famous clients, including Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. Victoria Beckham even revealed in her memoir that she visits the Knightsbridge salon every time she's in London. All name-dropping aside, the treatments and products are primarily designed to give fast visible results to all, no matter what their skin concern. "The brand is best suited to those who want results without going to the extremes of invasive treatments," Daniel explains. "It's also proven to be successful at treating a very wide variety of skin concerns with great results." This is because the brand believes in layering a highly customised selection of products to address the skin's needs on a daily basis. This entails educating clients on how to understand their skin, to really analyse its concerns on any specific day, and then giving them the tools they need to address those precise concerns themselves. "It's about dealing with what I can see on your face," Linda explains. "Your skin alters every day - you might have spent the day outside, you've had the flu, you have emotional stress - it all affects your skin. Why don't we listen to our body? Look at your face for a minute: what do you look like, what do you feel like? Are you shiny, tired, dull? Pick the cream that addresses that." 


With their botanical extracts and nourishing formulas, Linda's products are designed to repair and restore the skin, rather than completely resurface it. It's a softer, more nurturing approach that delivers strong results, says Head Trainer Sherelle Louis. "Linda is a traditionalist - she believes in repairing and restoring," says Sherelle. "There has been a real trend for a while in skincare to use the strong cosmeceutical salicylic acids and they certainly have their place. However, you really notice the immediate difference after using Linda’s products." The retail products all complement a menu of four professional treatments. Sherelle explains: "There's the Haute Couture Facial, which is individually designed for each 

client and their specific skin condition on the day. The Linda Meredith 02 Facial uses our oxygen machine and vitamin-enriched serum and is performed as a course of six treatments. The Collagen treatment involves a fine sheet of natural freeze-dried collagen that is moistened, reactivated and moulded to the contours of the face. It diffuses redness, tightens pores and reveals a brighter, more radiant skin. And finally, the V-Tox Oxygen Facial uses our oxygen machine, vitamin-enriched serum and our luxe V-TOX cream." 


As a trainer, Sherelle strongly believes in the importance of working with therapists and salons in a more direct way than a series of training manuals can provide. "We have manuals of course, but our training is very hands-on. We go out to the spa, salon or clinic and discuss with the owner how we can incorporate the treatments and products into their business. I am used to teaching both online and face-to-face, and I truly believe hands-on gets a better result.' This hands-on training may be in person or over the phone and is always designed to share the most practical and relevant ways of working with the Linda Meredith products and treatment options. This is a brand that values ongoing relationships with its partners, rather than "setting and forgetting" an account. They have developed a suite of resources to not only help train staff in the signature professional treatments but to also work with owners on developing the business side of things. "We offer business and marketing coaching as well as our high-level training, staff incentives and other sell-through strategies to help salons get and keep new clients," says Daniel. "We're extremely excited by the extent and potential of our partner support program, and the response has been as amazing as we expected”. 

“The focus for Linda Meredith Skincare is planted solely on results-driven facials and, as a specialist in this market; we are a perfect complement to all existing spa and salon protocols. It truly is a great time to be part of this niche, luxury British skincare brand. We offer highly profitable opportunities; tailored to each and every partner we deal with. I would be delighted to discuss our fantastic brand with both Spa and salon owners in greater detail”. 

Linda Meredith Skincare work with Spas and Salons across the UK and overseas and are pleased to offer all UK and European Spa Association members a complimentary Oxygen Machine with their opening order (Subject to Terms and Conditions) Daniel Lascelles can be contacted on  


linda meredith product

While all the products in the Linda Meredith range are designed to be layered to suit the skin's individual needs, there are a number of heroes that will benefit almost any 

complexion, and will also enhance the work done in a salon. "These products will support the outstanding results achieved by Linda Meredith facials, to ensure the client's treatment is as effective at home as it is in your spa, salon or clinic," explains Daniel Lascelles. 

Here are five key products that will complement any salon offering, 


Linda Meredith's hero product it was named by Tatler magazine as a natural ingredient alternative to BOTOX. V-TOX uses plant and marine extracts to relax the skin, and smooth and de-stress wrinkled areas. Applied topically, it contains the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) to mimic the effects of BOTOX by blocking the signals that make the muscles contract and create frown lines. V-TOX also helps to restore the skin's elastin and collagen and boosts moisture levels. Like all Linda Meredith products, it's safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. 


Skin that is compromised by stress or lifestyle will benefit from the AMAZON balm. Containing extracts of acai berry, it's packed with high levels of Vitamin C and other antioxidants to defend against free-radical damage caused by pollution, UV light and smoking. It also utilises the andiroba bean, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, while the essential fatty acids in the formula help to soothe skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis and sunburn. 


A targeted anti-ageing product, LM1 uses high levels of active ingredients to deliver visible results to the skin after just 30 days of use. It helps brighten the complexion and diminish the appearance of age spots, while also improving skin thickness and elasticity. The lightweight, oil-free formula is also favoured by women who dislike the feel of heavier oils or creams on their skin. 


Developed as a luxurious night cream for mature or very dry skin, NET-45 nourishes the skin with beta glucan, and Vitamins A and B5. Visible signs of damage - including fine lines, wrinkles and dullness - are diminished and balance is restored to the complexion. It can also be applied to the décolletage and backs of hands and can be used as a mask once a week. 


Originally developed as a professional treatment product, OXYGEN MASK was added to the retail offering following demand from Linda's clients. Made from medical-grade cotton, the mask is infused with hyaluronic acid and beta glucan, as well as Linda Meredith Oxygen 

Serum, to leave the skin looking plump and firm. Encapsulated vitamins also help to encourage penetration and efficiency.

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