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Don’t underestimate the power of facial massage

Beata Full portait copyA good facial massage can allow your face to breathe and restore the sparkle and colour.  We do tend to overlook the face when talking about massage.  Facial massaging will boost blood circulation, firm skin and tone the muscles while also encouraging the flow of lymph and releasing endorphins - the hormone of joy.  It can slow down the ageing process and bring about a real relaxation. So why go under the knife when there are other ways to achieve the similar results!

We tent to think about massage as a part of beauty treatment procedures, but good face massage can bring much than that!There are hundreds nerve points on the face and according to Chinese medicine these relate to each body’s organs. So massaging your face can affect positively your whole body. 

We ‘face’ the world every day from the moment we wake until we retire. Think of all those phrases ‘face the facts’, ‘put on a brave face’, ‘talk face to face’ all ways we deliver our messages. Our face can be under lots of stress as a result of that. We hold our emotions there but also face can be affected by the profession we do.

For example teachers, speakers, actors will usually have quite tense face muscles especially around the jaw. Lack of sleep will affect our face, tension in shoulders or neck will definitely leave the mark on the face. Headaches both chronic and occasional will tense the fascia, creating even more pressure hence more headaches. We could go on and on.

There is also touch element in it which we all need so much. We know that massage is hugely popular in the spa and there is a reason for it. People are craving connection. They crave the power of touch.

Touch brings comfort, reassurance, positive mood change, and a sense of belonging. And it doesn’t just have to be on the body. A soothing gentle facial therapy can be as relaxing and comforting as any body treatment. On the other hand a stimulating, lifting vigorous facial massage can be the most incredible work out for the skin and facial muscles. It can redefine the facial contours and bring life and energy back to the complexion by boosting circulation and muscle tone.

Having all the above in mind it is really important that we take this treatment seriously and use each technique with the full intention and care.

I am for example not very keen when a therapist is talking to me through face massage, explaining the products, asking too many questions..there is time for it before or afterwards.

Too loud music, abruptive  gestures, sharp voice of the therapist, sense of rushing...these are all elements that can destroy any treatment, but especially face massage, because there is something quite intimate in it. Most of us have no problem to be touched on the hand but touching our face becomes quite personal.

We can really make a change even with a gentler version of massage if we fully embrace the impact that it can have on our clients. Then we will be intentional and focused and this can make a wonder!

Beata Aleksandrowicz, founder of Pure Massage Spa Training Method®

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018
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