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The World Spa & Wellness Convention will return to ExCeL London on February 25th - 26th, as part of the Professional Beauty trade show. Unique in Europe, the World Spa & Wellness Convention is a leading spa industry networking event for senior management. 

With a global following and attracting an audience of over 300 senior professionals, this strategy-focused event brings you to the heart of the profession. Each year the convention covers a wide range of topics high on the global industry agenda.

Speakers at the convention will be drawn from around the world and include some of the most established names in the sector, such as Andrew Gibson, Vice President of Well Being Luxury Brands, Accor Hotels; Marc Ellin, Global Head of Miraval Group and Kay Pennington, Group Spa Manager at Aqua Sana Centre Parcs. To see the full speaker line-up please click here.

From innovation in technology to hyper-personalisation, customer relations to rebirth of fitness in spa, the convention will cover the most pressing issues facing the industry. Please take a look at the full convention programme set to give you practical solutions and ideas to benefit your business and career.

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Spa Benchmarking Insights: Who Sells the Most Retail?

Benchmarking Insights

If you are already one of the spas registered for the UK Spa Associations Benchmarking scheme, then you will already be benefitting from the monthly benchmarking reports allowing you to compare your spa's performance with that of other similar spas in the UK.

This valuable data is designed to show you where you are excelling in your businesses performance and where you could make improvements.

Given the accumulated data that we now have available, in 2018 the UK Spa Association will produce quarterly "Insights' based on the data provided by our registered spas. This will highlight interesting patterns, trends or disparities based solely on the data that would not immediately be obvious to registered spas simply from the benchmark reports they receive each month.

The first full Insights Report will be produced in March 2018, to give you a bit of a taster  . . . and for a bit of fun, here is a question?

Who sells the most retail  . . . North or South?

Or more accurately, who is better at converting Treatment Revenue in to Retail Revenue?

To start the year off we decided to analyse data we have from registered spas in the UK dating back to March 2017 to see who averaged the best treatment to retail conversation figures. From the graph below it’s fairly clear that the answer is The South.

Over the period March to October, spas in the south averaged around a 4% higher Treatment to Retail Conversion figure than their cousins in the North.

Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 12.11.57

However, we wondered just how much this was affected by London Spas? We wondered if, just like property prices, London was skewing all the data for the south. So we split out the figures for London and look what happened . . . 

In contrast to what we thought, it turns out that London is actually a slight drag on Conversion Figures for the south, with figures for the South East and South West combined averaging higher conversion rates than London alone!

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How to support the emotional wellness of your team


Supporting the emotional wellness of your team is a complex business because we are dealing with people. People who have hopes and fears, dreams and dilemmas. We are also dealing with sensitive people. Young people (in the main) and we have to act as a boss, confident and guide. But believe me – if you do this with passion and commitment and maintain this as an on-going practice, you will benefit with a more engaged team and a more passionate and revitalized team.

We are all individuals

The most important element when supporting the emotional wellness of your team is to acknowledge the unique personal tools that they bring to the role – their character, attitude, energy and sense of spirit. These are invaluable assets to be nurtured and respected.  On another hand those assets can also be their biggest enemy, making therapists over sensitive, fragile and vulnerable. Therapists can feel everything…both empathy and sympathy is their strongest point but it can totally exhaust them as well. The impact of therapists’ wellbeing can affect everything from client engagement to professional performance.

Managers need to be fully aware of the complexity of therapists’ characters. They are not warriors (at least not most of them). They are givers, often introverts that would rather touch than talk.

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New Year is the perfect time to get in gear and refocus for a strong 2018


It’s a New Year and a great time to refocus and regroup. One thing we are learning more and more is that the mind-set is very powerful in helping us achieve and deliver. It gives us confidence and motivation when we take the time out to tap into our mind on various areas of our life, and in turn gives us a strong chance at any desired results. New Year’s resolutions are a great way of doing this generally. New Year gives us the feeling of a new chapter and is the perfect time to look at personal, business goals and performance, then plan ahead for the New Year.

So, take a look at reports. Here are a few to get you thinking and planning:

  • How has the business been performing?
  • What did you achieve in relation to the previous year?
  • What were the most popular treatments?
  • What was your average spend per client/hour/room?
  • Who are your key team members?
  • What is your retail performance like?


Reflecting over these results means we can take a look at any areas that may need training for the team. It also shows us our most popular types of treatments and where we can focus in the New Year – are our most popular treatments one of the top on profits for the business?

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Staff Training can improve business performance, profit and staff morale.


Have you ever been on a training course and felt inspired re-energised ready to deliver what you have learnt to all your clients? January Can be a month to schedule training develop staff in further skills to meet your client’s demands.

Advantages to your business include:

  • You choose what new skills your workforce requires, target skills to meet the needs of your operation for now and in the future
  • Training your staff can result in better customer service, better work safety practices and productivity improvements
  • You demonstrate to your workforce that you value them enough to invest in them, improving loyalty and staff retention. In turn

Retention is a saving to you

Training has many benefits for your staff:

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