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All the Christmas treats, all the chocolates, and let’s not to mention all the Prosecco and Champagne!

The beginning of the year is a fantastic opportunity to clean out and start again! It is a great time to cleanse your liver!

The most important purpose of a detox is to allow your liver to cleanse. Detoxing shouldn’t be just about weight loss.  Many people start the year complaining about weight gain and they think they must detox to lose weight. However, the real reason to start a detox is to clear out any toxins and rebalance the acids which may have accumulated during the Christmas break which cause inflammation. However, weight loss may well be a by-product of doing this!

Inflammation: What is Inflammation?

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Skills and Levels within the Industry

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There are numerous excellent training and career opportunities for a people entering the Salon, Spa and Wellness Industry.

Many schools, universities, and colleges offer training courses on a wide variety of levels that will help you expand your career. There are also numerous international shows and seminars that can help to increase your CPD. Once you have obtained the right training, qualifications, and certifications, the career opportunities are only limited by your own imagination.

Certifications and Qualifications

Different levels of certifications and qualifications are required by the various fields of employment.

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First Quarter 2019 Marketing, Are You Prepared?

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2019 is kicking off and it’s time to look at our marketing for the first quarter. Are you prepared?

After all the indulging over Christmas, January is the time we all want to detox and start the new year with good intentions. Detoxifying body treatments, and post-Christmas de-stress treatments are all great offerings for this time of year. Perhaps with a fresh fruit smoothie to follow?

January is also the perfect time to look at shifting any leftover Christmas stock. Could you pull any Christmas gift sets apart and repackage items together for a new year offering? It’s great to also incentivise the team alongside this to help retail sales for any of these items. If you have a few of one particular product remaining, you could also look at a gift with purchase or treatment with product offering. 

Towards the end of January, we want to start planning ahead for our Valentine’s treatments and packages. Couple’s massages, Spa Days for two, twilight spa treatments, breaks away including a relaxing massage each, and so on. Depending on what kind of offering your location has, you could also add afternoon tea with bubbly, or simply some chocolate covered strawberries to a treatment or spa visit.  A similar kind of offering would work well for Mother’s Day which is March 31st in 2019. Mother and Daughter spa days, or treatments to enjoy together. Could a package also include some flowers or a box of chocolates for mum?

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Recruitment…What can we do?

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There are now almost 1,400 spas throughout the UK, a total of 6,927 treatment rooms and 33,684 therapists.  Our industry, only in its infancy, is booming.  With wellbeing and mindfulness being on the tip of everyone’s tongue, the top of everyone’s news feed and chattering away into our ears, before us lies the future of spa.

In the key note speech at last year’s Spa Life, we listened how we would soon change tack, from marketing to the well and on to the ‘unwell’ and eventually ‘the sick’.   Even with the most positive of outlooks, we do need to look at the way the population is evolving and how we market to it.

The national recognition… that ‘its ok’ not to be ok, has spearheaded the mindfulness and alternative therapy awareness into spas and wellbeing practitioners.  It’s now acceptable to delve into natural cures, coaching and therapeutic support, the everyday person is far more inquisitive as to what ‘we in the business’ can offer them as their ‘feel better, live better ticket’.

So, this is music to the spa industry’s ears, right?  More demand, more revenue for our booming industry… but what about the recruitment crisis we are having?

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The UK Spa Association (UKSA) and ukactive have today announced a new partnership, offering a new ‘Active Spa’ membership for businesses which provide both spa and fitness services.

The new membership option comes as a result of the growth of the UK wellness industry, with organisations now increasingly embracing a holistic approach to wellness that includes spa, relaxation and fitness.

‘Active Spa’ will offer members the specialist support of both membership bodies in a single affordable package – ensuring members can benefit from expertise in improving reputation, brand awareness and growth across the spa and physical activity sectors.

Key support services across both organisations in the areas of spa and fitness include: health and safety advice, strategic business growth and counsel, discounts on sector events and networking opportunities, public awareness campaigning, benchmarking and much more.

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