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The UK Spa Association (UKSA) and ukactive have today announced a new partnership, offering a new ‘Active Spa’ membership for businesses which provide both spa and fitness services.

The new membership option comes as a result of the growth of the UK wellness industry, with organisations now increasingly embracing a holistic approach to wellness that includes spa, relaxation and fitness.

‘Active Spa’ will offer members the specialist support of both membership bodies in a single affordable package – ensuring members can benefit from expertise in improving reputation, brand awareness and growth across the spa and physical activity sectors.

Key support services across both organisations in the areas of spa and fitness include: health and safety advice, strategic business growth and counsel, discounts on sector events and networking opportunities, public awareness campaigning, benchmarking and much more.

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Raising your Business Profile

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Planning for the festive season can start as early as the previous Christmas for big high street retailers. Of course not as easy for some of us who run small businesses. There are clients to serve and staff to manage. However foreplanning can reap real rewards.

If you have only just come up for air and realised you need to get into the Christmas jingle.

Here are a few ideas to get your staff and your business singing, “Deck the halls with holly.”

First, let’s start with your goals:

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The Future of Health and Wellbeing is in Our Own Hands

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Why should we learn more about our bodies?

From the beginning of our lives we have learnt the basic essentials of how to survive. Taught to walk, taught to eat and taught to rest. These are the fundamental actions in our daily lives. In our ancestry, pre-historic man would have had to hunt for food, hunt for meat and forage for good vegetables and fruit and then rest, it was our only way for survival.

In today’s world, we have food accessible 24/7 and have ready-meals which eliminate any need for activity like our ancestry which has led to a sedimentary lifestyle. Our energies have been converted to use in on our work, social and family life and we are becoming less active as a result. Those activities rarely require a raised heart beat which is important for our cardio vascular and respiratory systems. Equally now more than ever we are connected to the 24/7 world so it leaves little time for rest and downtime. 

One of the greatest concerns in our life is what we eat! We are eating less nutrient dense foods, which has been replaced by preservatives and man-made additives. Not only does eating less nutrient dense food can lead to physical ill-health but also affects our moods which can lead to weight gain and our ability to be as active.

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How to Reward your Team this Festive Period

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We all love the festive period, and it’s the perfect way to express a thanks to the team at the end of the year for working so hard.

So, what can we do to reward the team?

Getting into the spirit of festive fun, a secret Santa is a great way to celebrate and have the team bond and think about what each other may like or appreciate.

Perhaps you could offer a voucher to a set value to enjoy treatments throughout the year, or a treatment for each to enjoy in January? That way everyone gets to unwind with a relaxing treatment after the silly season, plus team members may pick up tips from each other and learn from each other’s customer service and treatment standard.

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Celebrating the Season with a Drink

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Why would you need a Liquor Licence?

Whether you’re creating a promotional evening or just to saying thank you to your existing clients.  Can you do this legally?

In the past, we would openly offer clients a glass of mulled wine, a glass of prosecco without a thought. However, now… Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin are all great ways to promote the festive season.  But, if you advertise your business with a photo of a client drinking in your business or promote a treatment offering a glass of wine (without the relevant license) you could be fined £15,000.00

Promote your business safely

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