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A great way to liven up your services offered and build more awareness and strength for your brand is to look at your services and create and introduce treatments that link to your brand or your location.

Restaurants do this well, by using local ingredients and produce. Customers tend to love local and it’s a great way to sell in an enticing way.

How could you link you brand and location? For example… Are you by the sea? Could you offer seaweed based products and treatments that link to that theme? Perhaps someone local creates products with local ingredients which you could use.

Located in the city with time conscious guests? You could offer treatments with two therapists at a time or mini treatments.

Located in Kent, the garden of England, then a floral themed treatment may be a nice touch. Or perhaps your local area is known for a certain type of local produce, such as honey, or a particular herb, which you can create treatments and welcome drink with.

Get creative and brainstorm your brand to give fluidity and theme to your brand.

Written By Clare Cockell

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Monday, 20 May 2019

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