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Spa-thers Day

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Treatments for men are being offering more as a feature in spa menu’s and treatment rooms today. Male themed treatments are promoted around Father’s Day, Birthdays and Christmas. 

Men go to a spa, for different reasons than women, and most men don’t feel especially drawn to the idea of ‘pampering’.

Spa treatments for men should be clearly described with details of the treatment which focus on its physical effect and benefits. 

Whilst men appreciate when their skin feels good and their muscles feel relieved of pain they need to know from the start this will be the outcome.


Men also purchase retail in a different way to women. Women justify their purchases ‘I deserve it’ ‘It’s less than a ‘Starbucks a day’ and further rationalisations. Men, if they want it will just buy it. 

Consider the wording of your male treatments; -

Man of the Hour, back neck and shoulder and hot stone foot massage.

Athlete’s Recovery Massage, remedial massage/ sport massage.

Sports Pedicure, foot care for runners.


Create the desire and you have a loyal client.


Written by Julia Leone

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Monday, 20 May 2019

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