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Spa-tailing – How to Get Confident With Selling from a Therapists Point of View

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In the spa and salon business, retail obviously makes a difference to the bottom line and it can be an easy recurring income revenue. But how do we boost the team members who don’t feel confident in retailing?

Maddie Parks, Beauty Therapist at The Reef, shares her thoughts, “Starting as an apprentice, I wasn’t confident in retail to begin with. I found it can be quite daunting, almost like there’s pressure to sell within the job role, and being new to the industry, I didn’t know where to begin.

“The first thing that helped me, was getting to know the products; trying them out myself and familiarising myself. This way, I felt I could better recommend my clients products that related to their consultation and give them the best results. What also made a huge difference to me, was listening to my client thoroughly in the consultation. This way I could use my knowledge to the best of my ability to benefit my client in salon and at home, with the correct products and homecare.

“After a while, I noticed my clients were really appreciative of the advice I was giving and they started asking more questions. This gave me a massive boost, because I knew I was helping them. My final point to share is that every little bit counts; whether it be a nail polish after a manicure, or luxury skincare product after a facial/body treatment. Each retail item sold made me more confident, and now I find it a much easier, and more natural, process. It’s been great to see the big difference in my KPI figures and commission, and I know I am helping my clients with recommendations, and that feels good.”

Along with this we need to help boost the team and keep a focus on recommendations and homecare advice being a part of the service offered. We can do this with regular one to one KPI meetings, incentives and bonuses, training and refresher training, and acknowledging individual results achieved.

Written by Maddie Parks and Clare Cockell

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Monday, 20 May 2019

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